Beagle Tells All! It Was Dad’s Fault!


Dear Readers –

Beagle here.  Mom recently shared a video tape of my Daddy playing ball with me.  I could do that all night long!  Of course, I need a break sometimes to catch my breath, but it’s tough work to chase that ball with my short legs.

Now I know this will embarrass Dad, but it was entirely his fault the ball got away.  Yes, his fault (uh, Mom – does Dad read this?  He does?  Uh-oh).

So here I am with the ball.  I don’t know why Dad’s trying to take it away from me.  I’m not done killing it enough!  I don’t understand why he doesn’t throw it fast enough for me either.  Helllllllooooooooo Dad – I’m tired of the excuse that I won’t give it to you to throw.  Just throw it, will you?  But don’t take it away yet.

Okay, okay already – you can have it.  Now will you throw it?

Hey – what just happened here?  Dad let the ball get away!  Can you believe him?  He finally gets the ball and he lets it roll over the edge.  Sheesh man – you couldn’t just hang onto it and throw it?  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?  (Oops.  Sorry Dad.  Didn’t mean that.  You’ll still throw the ball for me, won’t you?)

I don’t know what he was thinking.  He’s just sitting there looking at the ball, like he can’t believe I rolled it off the deck.  And then he laughed at me!  He laughed and told me – TOLD ME – it was all my fault.  IT WAS NOT.  (Mom said to stop the capitals if I ever expect to get a ball thrown again.  Can you believe she’s such a crab?).

Well, there was only one way to fix Dad’s problem.  I mean that problem.  I mean the ball that was carelessly rolled off the edge.  It was up to me to fix the problem and fix it I did.

I love it when Daddy throws the ball for me.  I love it love it love it.  But Dad – be more careful next time, will ya?

Hugs and kisses.  Ick!  No hugs.  No kisses.

The Beagle.  Please.  Do NOT hug me or kiss me.  Eeeeew!

[Editor’s note:  The beagle has been quite the tattletale this year.  More of his stories can be found at:

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I hope you enjoy reading his side of the story – remember though that his view is quite biased as to who was right and who was wrong.]