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This week’s travel theme is animals.  It’s so easy to reach for perfect in blogland (yes, a new word probably already invented by someone).  Exotic animals and exotic travels around the world often seems to be the norm for so many others.

So, being me, I’m instead sharing photos of animals that I took at some of my weekend wanderings with links back to the trips that I posted in my blog.

In Colonial Williamsburg, a cardinal was enjoying the bounty of a riped sunflower.  See all the seeds scattered on the back of the sunflower head?

These oxen are also from Colonial Williamsburg, but earlier in the summer.  It is the greatest that I live only an hour away from such a fantastic place and I’ve really enjoyed having a pass this year.

My favorite boy toy and I took a late winter trip to Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.  Spring came early where N.C. Wyeth and his family had their home and art studios.  As a result, the frogs at Pennsbury Inn were awake, even if the trees hadn’t leafed out yet.  The first time we went was late spring last year and what a difference it made in the scenery.

Last fall, my favorite boy toy and I chased the fall colors, starting in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia where we stayed at the Laurel Lodge (after you go to this link, click forward to the newer posts for a few more days for more fall pictures).  I took an extra day of vacation and we spent it wandering our way home along Skyline Drive so we could see the Shenandoah Valley.

Hollywood Cemetery is a favorite tourist stop in Richmond, Virginia.  Named for the holly trees that surround it, two presidents – James Monroe & John Tyler – are buried there, along with the Confederate President, Jefferson Davis.  One of the most popular statues is the black dog standing guard over a young girl, Bernadine Rees.  Bernadine used to visit a store in Richmond with her mother and loved this dog statue that was outside.  She died young of scarlet fever and the merchant offered the dog to her parents for the grave.

So those are animals from my weekend wanderings.  I’m constantly amazed at the little things I can find close by if I only keep my eyes open and camera ready.  Of course, being able to crop a picture down helps a lot too!

I hope your week is going well.  By Thursday evening, I expect that the last two tax returns due on Monday will be through review and should be mailed out on Friday.  We’ve filed nearly 80 returns since the beginning of September and with Monday, the worst will be over.  There’s still more returns due, but not so many at one time.  The overtime hasn’t been too bad – this year has gone smoothly.  It’s taken a lot of work to get to this point, so I’m sure enjoying how much better it’s been this year.

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    • You’re welcome! There’s actually two black dogs there. When you enter the cemetery, the one I wrote about is off to the right. The other one is left, way in the back (that back road that runs along the fence). I don’t know what (if any) story there is on the second one.

  1. Our honeymoon was spent on Skyline Drive, and ended at Harper’s Ferry. Love the story of how the black dog came to be in the cemetery.

    • That sounds like a great honeymoon. Ours was very similar, but it was backroads in Wisconsin instead.

      There are actually several dog statues, but this one is poignant. The others were memorials to their owners.

    • I got a bunch of them. This winter I plan to go back through them and show the sequence as the cardinal put on quite a show trying to avoid me but not wanting to fly away from the seeds.

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