Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

This week’s weekly photo challenge is to share what makes you happy.  There’s so many things that make me happy, it was hard to choose.  But here’s a few things I picked to share with you and try out the new format for showing off photos:

Weekly Photo Challenge

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  1. I haven’t tried any of the new formats yet, busy week, didn’t even do this challenge. Yours is quite nice, though.

    • It’s really nice, but it changes the layout each time you open your blog. YOu need to make sure you really like all the photos you put in it. I gave the link earlier in my comments and it tells how to set the default in your tools for it.

      I’m glad you liked the way it looked. Take a look at some of the other posts that linked to the challenge to see examples of how others did it.

    • That is basil. That’s what happens when you stop cutting it during peak heat and let it go to flower. If you keep cutting it, it stays a lot smaller. I usually plant multiples as I can get a lot of bees in the yard for pollinating the squash if I have some basil plants in flower.

      Your photo challenge looks interesting – the only problem I have is if I can only use pictures that I’ve taken that week. My schedule doesn’t usually allow me to go on a hunt for photos. I have to take them when I see them. There’s little evidence of fall here in Virginia this week, so most likely any photo I’d add would be from last year.

      If you want the challenge to be a photo that must be taken that week, there are good reasons to leave it that way. If that wasn’t what you meant, you might want to loosen up on that.

    • Thanks! You were so right (in your reply to my comment on your blog) that you have to be careful what you pick to show in these new galleries.

      My husband loved that picture of our big puppy for the same reason. I took a bunch of pictures that evening but that was the special one.

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