Fall Spider Webs


My favorite boy toy found this for me in our front yard.  It was huge!

What was interesting was that the bottom point of the web was held down by a piece of mulch from underneath it that just dangled from the silk.

The spider in it was huge too.  I didn’t get a picture of it all spread out – it moved fast!  Its eyesight was better than the dogs.  This is from early the next morning where I think it got too cold and couldn’t get back up into the tree where it was living.

Thanks goes to Chris at The Dragonfly Woman who helped me identify this as a Neoscona.  Here’s a link if you want to see examples of how it looks stretched out.  The spider in my photograph stretched out to about 3″ from tip to tip.  The body was probably the size of a quarter.

I didn’t see it again after this.  There has been a nest of mockingbirds in that tree and I suspect one of the birds got it.

Here’s another spider web, taken last year in the front yard.  I never saw the spider that made it, but it sure was pristine when I lightly sprayed it with some water.

I love ’em!