Play Ball!


One thing I love in the summer and early fall is being able to sit outside on the deck after work, visiting with my boy toy and watching him play with the dogs.

It’s a predictable sequence to the game –

  1. The beagle brings the ball
  2. It’s not dead enough, so he keeps playing with it
  3. Eventually the other dog takes it away
  4. Howling starts up, with accusations thrown at his Daddy that he isn’t taking it away fast enough and returning it to be killed some more
  5. Eventually Daddy gets control of the ball and throws it
  6. The beagle runs out to the yard and gets it (or the other dog gets there first, in which case circle back to the howling sequence above)
  7. He brings it back and the game starts all over again

I thought you might enjoy seeing it for yourself, complete with the frustrated howling to hurt your eardrums.  I hope it makes you laugh and enjoy a few minutes in the yard with us.


[Editor’s note:  The beagle has been quite the tattletale this year.  His stories can be found at:

Get Out Of The Garden!

Magic Shower Water (she made me take a shower!)

It Was All Dad’s Fault (that the ball got lost)

I hope you enjoy reading his side of the story – remember though that his view is quite biased as to who was right and who was wrong.]