Wanderlust Hits Hard

This week’s Six Word Friday uses the word “wander”, which I thought described my life very well as in:

Wanderlust hits hard every Friday afternoon.

Actually, it doesn’t usually even wait until Friday afternoon.  By Wednesday, I’m plotting where I want to run off too for the weekend.  In a way, it’s a necessity because if I go too far with my favorite boy toy, arrangements have to be made for the boys.  We have a dogsitter who will come on the weekends, but if we’re gone too long, it’s off to the kennel and doggie day care for them.

This wanderlust is not new for me or my boy toy.  When we were dating and newly married, we’d just hop in the car and drive.  Sometimes our destination was someplace for taking photos.  Other times it was a store of some kind, whether for my needlepoint and books, or for his antique hunting (note to my child:  see, I told you we’ve always been like that).

That stopped for a long time, especially when my daughter was in sports.  When she went to college though, we started up again.  Since moving to Virginia, we’ve ramped it up even more.  Some weekends have great finds, for other weekends it’s a waste of our efforts.  That doesn’t stop us from trying again though.

We take turns driving, we visit, sometimes the passenger even naps.  Sometimes, we even get a spectacular view as we drive!


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    • By the time the kids get old enough for you to wander, they’ll be into sports! My husband and I were like that before we got married, but we had to stop it for quite a while when there were other priorities.

      Besides, I think you guys are doing fine with your life as it is right now. There’s plenty of adventure right in your own backyard :)

  1. Your photographs are looking really good. I love your header.

    It’s nice to be able to just pick up and go. Our little dog is also a problem for that. Most of our trips are scheduled ahead of time. Someday I’d like to do our Travels with Arthur. :)

    • Thanks Christine! I appreciate the compliments. That was the great things with cats – we could just go. I’ve left them as long as five days on their own and they didn’t care (we put out extra of everything for them).

      I think Travels with Arthur would be cute as could be! I can’t wait to see it.

      BTW re HDR photography – my husband used the Photoshop version for a long time. I think it’s a great place for you to start and then see if you want a better package. The other packages tend to have better automation of the process and it looks better afterwards too. I don’t have patience for HDR right now, but it really can improve a photo.

  2. Our Sundays were always our days to wander about and explore. Loved just to set out to see what we would see. Now, somewhat tied down with my mom with us, don’t like to leave her by her lonesome for too long! But there will be time again down that road. Until then I will just join you and your boytoy! K

    • I can see where you wouldn’t want to leave your Mom for very long. But that’s a season in life, thankfully not as bad as raising small children, but it is a season for now.

      And you’re welcome to come with anytime you like!

  3. We used to do the same thing, but not so much any more. I don’t travel as well these days. We haven’t antiqued in years. Is there something in particular your boy toy collects or likes to look for?

    • He uses props in his photography, so it’s hard to tell what’s going to appeal to him. And his interests change too. Several years ago was the granite coffee pots, now it’s oriental pieces.

      It is hard to do if you can’t do long car rides. It doesn’t take long to exhaust the stores close by.

  4. Simple pleasures…mean everything. Especially when shared with the one you love. BTW…I wasn’t aware your hubby was into antiquing. So am I. I’m a dealer and I rent space at a local antiques mall. Business is fine. Not making millions. But as I’m sure your hubby will acknowledge…antiques are a passion…not a get-rich-quick kind of thing. :)

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