Travel Theme Challenge: Foliage

Ailsa, over at Where’s My Backpack, invited me to join her travel theme challenges with my photos.  I had a great time browsing her blog – she has a post about the Eternal Flame Falls near Buffalo, New York.  It’s not very far from where I took this photo from Letchworth and is undoubtedly part of the same geological upheaval that created Niagara Falls.

Part of the fun of the photo challenges is the opportunity to go back through my photos, ooh and aah over them and then pick a few to share.

I decided to show foliage from all four seasons, as a reminder of the changing seasons.

Winter – Freshly fallen snow brings such a beauty to the landscape, but I enjoy it much more if I don’t have to go to work.  I love my snow best from inside my house, preferably with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand.  I don’t spend as much time outside in the cold, so it’s finally time to work on my indoor projects.  I love Sunday afternoons snuggled under my electric afghan, reading a book.

My backyard

Spring – After the cold, snow and ice of winter, spring is such a welcome relief.  It’s still cool enough to need heavier coats and clothing, but at least my hands and feet aren’t so cold!  Once the temperature hits 38 degrees, I’m back outside walking during my lunch break at work.  The flowers start coming out now, giving food to bees who are starting to waken.  I love the cold hardy plants that make their appearance and keep on growing, even through several more frosts.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

Summer – I grew up in and lived in the Midwest for many years, so the lethal heat and humidity of the summer is not a surprise.  I do wish it wouldn’t last so long though!  A new round of flowers are blooming now, from daylilies to hollyhocks.  The dragonflies are out, so are the butterflies and bees.  I love the early morning of summer, when it’s quiet and peaceful and the dew is on the ground.  I enjoy sitting out there and just relaxing for a few minutes before going to work.

Taken at Colonial Williamsburg

Fall – I think fall is my favorite season.  The nights are cool and I can sleep with the windows open, but the days are warm enough for shorts and T-shirts.  The marigolds and mums are in full bloom during this time and will survive even an early frost, as will the thyme and mint in my garden.

Fall has such a noticeable progression, more so than any other season.  First the leaves are green, but drying out so that they make a clacking noise in the wind.  Gradually they start turning colors and dropping off the trees.  Finally the fall colors come into a full riot of reds, yellows and oranges.  It might last but a few days, especially if its rainy during the peak colors.  As fall winds down, some leaves cling stubbornly to the trees, way past the others, creating a minimalist beauty of their own.

Maryland Side of the C&O Canal
(Near Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia)

Thoreau once said,

Live each season as it passes;
breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit,
and resign yourself to the influences of each.

This quote is where the name of my blog came from – a reminder to live each season fully and not be wishing ahead to what’s coming next.  Live in there here and now, let it influence my life however big or small, and enjoy the present moment.

The seasons are, of course, not only the physical changes that happen with the passing of each month, but also the seasons of life.  Enjoy each one so that when it passes, there are no regrets.


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  1. I always loved that quote. Sometimes I think it’s sad kids spend so much time in windowless schools. How can they experience the seasons all wrapped in bricks? Each year’s experience and perception of a season is different as you grow.
    Ooops – off topic, sorry!
    Great shots and observations. Always a nice tour here!

    • Nah, you didn’t get off topic at all. I see this at work too. The culture is to work long hours and eat lunch at your desk. Many of my co-workers work out in the gym, even on nice days. Not me. I really to go out for my walk at lunch each day. I’m amazed at how little people notice about the changing of the seasons.

      Thanks fo the compliments!

    • Thanks so much. I took pictures every day last year and my photography abilities really improved. But don’t go comparing yourself to others – there will always be someone who is better. Do what you enjoy and share them with us anyhow. Don’t worry about perfect! My readers taught me that one.


    • Thanks Butch – I’m glad you enjoyed them! So nice to see your face here. I’m not leaving many comments on your blog, but I do read it in my mail.

  3. Nancy_not only are your photos wonderful, your prose is too. I love your closing commentary about enjoying each season to its fullest. Such wondrously wise advice. How very much I needed to hear that advice today. Thanks for this post, and the care with which you blog.

    • I think living each season fully is advice we can hear enough. I’m glad I delivered it to you on a day you needed a reminder. Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by.

  4. I want to sit in that summer garden all year ’round! That’s a great photo from the Harper’s Ferry area, though. I like those soft yellow flowers in your header, too. :)

    • Thanks Darlene! It’s taken me a long time to realize that how good I am, I think because my husband’s work is so superb. I don’t work at it as hard as he does, but mine turn out really good too.

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