Richmond Voted Best River Town!

The readers of Outside Magazine have voted Richmond as the #1 River Town in America.  Of course, there was quite a campaign encouraging us to vote and we did!

The magazine expected the winner to be from Montana or Oregon, but not from the east coast.  The author details Richmond’s clean-up of pollution and crime, making it into an extraordinary adventure on the river.  There are class IV rapids for kayakers, hiking & biking trails, fishing and swimming.  My favorite boy toy enjoys taking pictures at the Pony Pasture, a favorite place as well for bird watchers.

James River rapids near Brown’s Island.

This is fantastic – what great advertising for tourism in Virginia!

Richmond has so much more, as you’ve read (and commented on) in my blog.  I’ve shared with you my trips to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, and Hollywood Cemetery (named for the holly trees / shrubs).  My favorite boy toy and I have enjoyed exploring and will be exploring more.  After all, wandering is part of our nature.

Richmond skyline from the bridge over to Belle Isle.

We enjoy living here – it’s pretty, urban enough for good restaurants and shopping, and country enough for beauty.  We can take advantage of the mountains, an hour drive to the west, or visit Colonial Williamsburg, an hour to the east.  We can easily drive to see our daughter in Atlanta.  It’s a great town and not for just the river.

How nice though to make the front cover of a major magazine.

Congratulations, Richmond!

Brown's Island Richmond Virginia

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  1. It’s wonderful to live in a place you can be proud of. We have a Richmond here in BC too. It is also very lovely. Perhaps the name is connected to beauty. I would love to visit your Richmond one day.

    • There’s also a Richmond, California! One of these days I’ll have to look up the history of it in England, which is where I think the name came from.

      If Amanda gets around to visiting Williamsburg, Richmond (Virginia) is right down the road.

    • Good feedback Patti. It is a beautiful city but as importantly, the people are friendly. Our subidivision is about half transplants and half Virginia natives and all are good neighbors (unlike other towns where the locals didn’t care to make friends). We lived in Sioux City, Iowa for a while and it was very friendly as well. We did miss it when we moved away.

      • I love the Twin Cities, but I don’t live there anymore either. It is one of those things. I am where I need to be, but I do always look forward to my visits to MN. They can keep the snow, though, I agree.

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