Living The Seasons

Here’s my contribution for this week’s Wordless Wednesday¬†– a celosia, complete with striped blister beetles.


Taken at the gardens of Colonial Williamsburg in early September.

8 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Flowers & Bugs”

    1. I think that is a celosia – thanks!

      I think the insect is a striped blister beetle. The pictures don’t match it exactly, but there are so many local variations that I probably won’t find anything matching too exactly.

      When I looked at the celosia photos, I also identified a different one that I took pictures of the same day but in a different garden. I have to get that posted and show you.

  1. Wow, those are beautiful flowers! I went to Williamsburg once, but it was a stopover on the way to someplace else, so really we just walked around at dusk, ate, and went to the hotel. I should go again!

    1. Thanks Jen! It’s really changed a lot, both for good and bad. Much more commercial, but a lot more there too. If you ever do stop by, let me know so I can meet you.

      I haven’t left you a comment in a while, but I’ve loved reading what Elka is up to now. She is such a character! So mature somedays and like a little kid on others. And that pug photo was precious! How can she breathe?

      And thanks for stopping by.

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