Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

I’d think that with all the pollen on these hollyhocks there would be a lot of bees.  I was surprised to see just this solitary bee partying at the feast.

I feel the same way some days, like I’m the only one that sees or enjoys the beauty or laughter around me.  I’m always gawking at what’s around me, whether walking during lunch or sitting outside on the deck.  I see the bees and the butterflies.  I notice the peacefulness of the trees and the sky.

The day the blue heron was fishing in the James River near the bridge, I accosted people on the path to go look at it.  No one else noticed it.

I wish I had my camera for that, but I didn’t.  Not everything can be captured in a photo and somedays, remembering beauty and laughter is enough.

To see how what other photographers posted for “solitary”, check out the comments here (at the bottom).

bees Nature Williamsburg

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I am a backyard adventurer, philosopher and observer, recording my life in journals and photographs. Visit my blog at www.livingtheseasons.com or write me at dogear6 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. He has been a busy bee, hasn’t he.
    Bob and I always talk about how people don’t notice the sunrise/set, stars, moon, trees, birds etc! So fortunate to have had a fam that taught us about plants and animals. How can folks just be ignorant of the beauty around them? Grateful too to have friends who show us a little bit of the beauty around their part of the world. Thank you! K

    • It really bothers me when there’s a lovely view outside a window (like in a restaurant) and people sit with their back to it. Really? You’d rather stare at an inside wall? I really think some people just don’t notice or care.

      You do a good job of showing us beauty too – it’s wonderful, isn’t it!

    • I think it depends on what your goal is with your photography. My husband does fine art photography and for him, it’s all about the perfect shot. For me, I’m recording my life. I take tons of photos, many of which turn out very well but not necessarily something I could sell. When we go to Colonial Williamsburg, I’ll take 300 pictures and he’ll take 12. He uses a tripod, I hand hold my camera (I do have the anti-shake on though). I’ll use my cell phone if I don’t have my Canon Rebel with me. Even a cell phone photo is better than no photo. That’s how I got the dogs in the shower that morning.

      And some things just don’t get recorded. For that, you savor the moment. If you keep a journal, you record it in there so it doesn’t get lost. Or write it in your blog :)

      • I’m with you! I always keep a journal when we travel – I try to write it at night before the day’s special moments get away Years later, we’re always surprised at what we’d forgotten that’s in a random (maybe imperfect) shot or journal entry! ;-)

        • I feel the same way when I look over my journals – it’s incredible how much I’ve already forgotten. I really enjoy rereading some of my journals from when I visited my sister and the kids were little (a long LONG time ago) and the stuff we did back then trying to have fun while keeping small children entertained.

    • Thanks Susie. I appreciate the feedback. I’ve been getting quite a bit of comments about the beautiful photos and realize that I haven’t been emphasizing them enough. As much as I enjoy writing, my photography really strikes a chord with my blogging friends. Everyone seems to enjoy seeing my world and I’m glad to share it.


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