Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary


I’d think that with all the pollen on these hollyhocks there would be a lot of bees.  I was surprised to see just this solitary bee partying at the feast.

I feel the same way some days, like I’m the only one that sees or enjoys the beauty or laughter around me.  I’m always gawking at what’s around me, whether walking during lunch or sitting outside on the deck.  I see the bees and the butterflies.  I notice the peacefulness of the trees and the sky.

The day the blue heron was fishing in the James River near the bridge, I accosted people on the path to go look at it.  No one else noticed it.

I wish I had my camera for that, but I didn’t.  Not everything can be captured in a photo and somedays, remembering beauty and laughter is enough.

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