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Last week’s photo challenge in WordPress used the theme “near and far“.  The guest host, Brian Cooney, gave some great advice on techniques for taking the photo and then processing it.

This picture was taken at Letchworth State Park in New York.  It is nicknamed “The Grand Canyon of the East” and it truly is spectacular.  I took this picture after a snow while the autumn leaves were still up.


Of course, snow was the norm in upstate New York.
It snowed every day from Halloween to Easter.

New York (Upstate) Seasons

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    • Thanks Naomi! That’s an excellent observation – thanks for pointing it out to me. I get so wrapped up in reviewing and adjusting my photos that I don’t always realize what is making it attractive in the first place.

    • It is much sunnier in Texas – Virginia too. I’ve not seen a gorge like that anywhere else either – it was quite unique. I assume it was made by the same forces that created Niagara Falls which was only about an hour drive away.

  1. What a beautiful photo! Thanks for sharing it. AS for Upstate NY weather, did you know that area gets 60 days of sun per year!!! Whereas, here in Colorado we have 300 days of sun. Moving was a no-brainer!

    • I’d thought about commenting on the lack of sun there but left it out. The year we were there was only 30 days of sun. I need sun, but it really upset my boss. I felt bad for him but there wasn’t anything we could do about it.

      Virginia is much sunnier too.

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