Get Out Of The Garden!!


Dear Readers – My Mom recently showed you my picture after she yelled at me for walking all over the flowers in her garden.  I want you to know there’s two sides to every story and she was totally unfair to me.

Understand that I’m a beagle and I hunt.  I love chasing the rabbit through the yard.  I even snatched a baby bird out of the air this summer – and I’ll have you know that I’ve done that before too.  For some reason though, Mom and Dad won’t let me play with the toys I catch for myself.

So when I heard something moving around, I couldn’t ignore it!

What is it?  Will I be able to chase it?  Lemme see, lemme see, lemmee see.

Hmmm. . . I’m still not sure, so I’m going to get closer.

This needs an even closer study.  Nothing’s run out yet, so it must not be the rabbit.  What can it be?

I’m like a deep sea diver and I have to get underneath all these branches or I’ll never figure out what’s in here!

Like Sherlock Holmes, I’m hot on the trail.  My big feet keep getting tangled up in these vines – I think Mom called them watermelon vines – but no problem.  I just yank them and roll those big balls around.

WHAT IS IT?  This is driving me nuts.

I must have missed something.  No problem.  I’ll go back in again and see if I can find it from this side.

Sheesh.  Mom’s a real crab.  Can you BELIEVE she yelled at me?  Told me to go away?  All I did was hop the little fence around the garden to start digging around.  There’s something in there. . . I know there is.  All she has to do is look away for a minute and I’m going right back in there again.

Oh, never mind.  I hate when she glares at me like that and tells me to go away.  I can’t wait forever for her to leave.  So I’ll go take a nap for now.  There’s always later.

And that, dear readers, is my side of the story.  See how innocent I was in this whole matter?  She acted like I was wrecking the garden somehow!  Flattening plants and digging things up.  Oh, the accusations!  I was trying to save the garden!  Yes, save it.  Who knows what was in there – it could have been a mole.  Or a striped ground squirrel.  Or even something else.  But now I’ll never know.

The end.

[Editor’s note:  The beagle has been quite the tattletale this year.  More of his stories can be found at:

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I hope you enjoy reading his side of the story – remember though that his view is quite biased as to who was right and who was wrong.]