Light Summer Reading Recommendations


I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately.  It’s one of my very favorite things to do and summer is a great time for kicking back and getting lost in a book.

One of my fellow bloggers, Louise Behiel, recently published a great little romance called “Family Ties“.  If you get a chance, check out her blog.  She’s been doing a series on different types of personalities and while she meant it as an outgrowth of her job as a counseling psychologist, I’ve found it useful for understanding the people in my life.  Others have found it a great guide for developing characters in their fiction.

The book itself is not a run-of-the-mill romance.  Yes, there is some sex but it’s not the focal point of the story and it didn’t happen until well into the story either.  The story revolves around new neighbors getting to know each other, supporting each other, and falling in love as they solve the problems in each of their lives.  It was a gradual process of developing affection and love, much more like normal life than books often portray.

I’m also enjoying the Nell Sweeney books by P.B. Ryan.  The first one is available right now for no charge, but I enjoyed it so much, I bought all the other ones too.  They’re reasonably priced and the author does a good job of maintaining the tension between Nell Sweeney’s past that she conceals and her falling in love with her employer’s son (which does finally resolve in the last book of the series).

The story is set in Boston at the end of the Civil War.  Nell is Irish and encounters a great deal of discrimination for it, even though she is a governess for a wealthy and established family.  Her story is fascinating, from the obstacles she has overcome in her life to fitting into her new life and her ability to solve crimes.

[Note to my daughter – you can stop reading now and go do something else.  Go.  Go on.  Bye bye.]

[You too Mom.  Go.  Now.]

If you want some steamy reading, Lora Leigh’s “Nauti Boys” series will make you need a fan and something cold to drink.  The plots are much better than I expected.  The sex is a bit improbable, but I enjoyed it anyhow :)

So that’s some ideas if you have some free time.  If you’re more into non-fiction, here’s some reviews I did earlier this year for some other great reads:

Tolstoy and The Purple Chair by Nina Sankovitch

The Wilder Life by Wendy McClure

And for heavier summer reads, there’s always Walden by Henry David Thoreau or Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.  They’re both great books, but it will take most of the summer to read them through.

Have fun!

Of course, woman doesn’t live by books alone, although I’d love to try it.  She still needs fresh air and exercise.  What better way to do both than with a trip to Colonial Williamsburg, exploring the gardens and stalking pictures with her favorite camera!  This is so great to only be an hour drive away from such a neat place.

Path in Colonial Williamsburg. It’s so much fun to go exploring!