Working Back From Discouragement – Being Worthy, Why Blog (#4)

Today’s post is a wrap-up of a few more things that have been bothering me and the steps I’m taking to make changes.  My original post is here; right click to see parts onetwo, and three.  Thanks for your encouragement and comments on my earlier posts – it’s really helped give me some perspective and help in letting go of these issues.

I’m concerned about my blog being worthy of your time.  My biggest concern is posts becoming repetitive or just plain old boring.  I know I can make any topic interesting if I’m interested and passionate about it.  Lately that’s just not happening.  I think that’s just lack of time and energy.  I’ve been recording ideas and they’re getting pretty backed up.  I think a break is good for me to recharge.

As for repetition, I think every blogger wrestles with this.  Our lives – at least mine – is not filled with daily great adventures.  There’s a fair amount of the mundane in daily living.  At the same time, it’s fun to share the small trivia of daily living, to see that we share similar thoughts and actions, and to enjoy each other’s family time, hobbies, and activities.  And getting back to being overly perfectionistic, I sure don’t mind it in your blogs.  I can look at an unlimited amount of backyard flowers, dog pictures, children, spouses, and fun things you did.

I think I need to worry less about this and stay focused on being interesting and sharing my life.  Which brings me to my final point. . .

Why am I blogging?  I wrote a lovely mission statement for my other blog, A Daily Life, but never got this one the way I wanted it.  I like mission statements, because it helps me focus and prioritize on what I’m trying to accomplish, which is:

  • Record my life for my own rembrances.  How did my garden look at this time last year?  What days did I go to Williamsburg or the botanical gardens?  What was in season and when?  What recipes did I like or not like?  I love searching through my blog to see what I was up to and what I was thinking.  I consult it to remember events or notes that I wrote down that were important at the time.
  • To share my life with my family and friends.  I don’t have time to call or write as much as I’d like to and this blog has been a wonderful way to stay in touch with my family, my old friends, and my new friends as well.
  • I want to be an encouragement to others.  It is easier to have joy in life when you realize that a) you’re not the only way that feels that way or struggles with something and b) you learn from others, whether it be cooking, gardening, or just finding ideas to relax and have fun.
  • I want to write.  I enjoy writing and sharing my life.  This is a gift that God has given me and a lot of the feedback I receive is that my topics and what I share is relevant to you (my readers) and brings messages and ideas that you appreciate me sharing.  I wrote more about this here.
  • There is beauty and happiness everywhere.  I enjoy blogging things that help others appreciate the small things and gratitudes that make life a more joyous place.

I’d love to say I’m on an upward trajectory to happiness and satisfaction.  But life isn’t that smooth and it never will be.

I’m enjoying slowing down my blogging – the weather has been nicer the last few days and I’ve had some time outside reading after work.  I’ve even been able to take my walks during lunch instead of working out in the gym.  It’s a great lunch when I can buy my meal from a food truck and then sit outside to eat it before walking back to my desk.

Do you like my pictures?  The botanical garden has a butterfly exhibit going on right now.  I understand from another photographer that they are changing every few weeks (I’ve only seen it once so far).  I set my camera on continuous fire and took several hundred pictures to get a few where the wings were open and the colors could be seen.

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  1. This blog is really gorgeous–Great Job!! I came here on Kate Kresse’s recommend, which is always a great way to “meet” new blog authors–and I must say I LOVE the “Award Free Blog” badge/button!! Is the meaning obvious–you don’t “do” blog awards? Or you just don’t have any? And is the badge copyrighted, or can anyone get permission to use it? See, I’m one of those people who actually LOOKS at stuff on a blog–I don’t just click “like” and scurry off. God bless you today–love, Caddo

    • Caddo – Thank you SO much for enjoying my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

      I’ve won a number of awards, but after a while I couldn’t keep up with them. And honestly, they were going around so much to the same people over and over that it lost its meaning after a while. I swiped that badge from Patti (Jarrett) and I don’t know where she got it from. Oops. I’m usually really good about requesting permission before doing that. I’ll have to ask if she minds. I can always design my own if necessary. To the best of my knowledge though, it is not copyrighted. If it is, I’ll get one designed and share it with you.

      May God richly bless you too. Do you ever read Ann Voskamp? This one was particularly good Surely goodness AND mercy shall pursue all the days of my life – the goodness and mercy of God pursues us passionately. I hope it is a blessing to you.


      • Thank you so much for the blog link tip!! To answer your question, March 2011 was the “turn around” point for me–I’d been a Christian “forever”, but was clueless. I’d lived with disabling depression all my life–and had piled up 50 years of bitterness/unforgiveness. I figured all I deserved was a basement closet in Heaven–but at least I was “saved”. In March 2011, I discovered Joyce Meyer–wow, the lights came on. I found out that Jesus died, not just to give me salvation, but so that I could have abundant life right here, right now. I dumped the bitter baggage I’d been hauling around, and felt 20 lbs lighter–and had the first best Easter of my life. So, now I know I won’t be going to the basement–Jesus has a beach cottage in Heaven waiting for me. Hallelujah!! And yes, I’d love a cool badge to share when you design it–thanks!! God bless you–love, sis Caddo

  2. Nancy – Maybe I haven’t been as encouraging to you as I should. I look forward to your posts and hearing about your day, getting to see what you see thru your photos. Its a chat with a friend, entertaining and funny sometimes ( love the dogs!) and sometimes thought provoking and moving! I appreciate each time you comment on something on my blog and it always makes me smile that you have read and left a little note – even if it is just a ‘like’. I hope you will continue to find a reason to write and find the fun and joy that your writing brings to me and others. All the best to you, my friend, Kathleen

    • Kathleen – you’ve been plenty encouraging! I always enjoy seeing your notes and comments. If anything, everyone’s support and feedback made this harder for me; there’s certainly no problem with my blog except I just didn’t want to do it. I wanted to go and do other things and I have been.

      Thanks for such a nice note. I appreciate your friendship so very much.

  3. The photgraphs are stunning. I love reading about what is going on in other people’s lives. It doesn’t always have to huge events. I loved your last point, “There is beauty and happiness everywhere.” It is so true. We all blog for different reasons and it is all good!

    • Darlene – I love all the points in your comment. I know I love hearing each time you see your daughter, write about your books, and share your life. I never get tired of it. And it is good we all blog for different reasons – the variety makes it so much better.

  4. You articulated that very well. I think one of the many benefits of blogging is recording things that happen each day. I know I have been able to document things my kids have done in ways I might not have otherwise. I also find that with blogging I pay attention more to the little things, which makes me appreciate those mundane moments. Also, very nice pictures.

    • Thanks and thanks Derek! I think your blog is a great way for your family to see the kids and to create a record of your life each day. A year from now, you’d forget half this stuff.

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