Working Back From Discouragement – Overwhelmed and Overdoing It (#3)

This is part three of a series on how I’m dealing with discouragement right now.  This is from a post I did in May and the wonderful comments that my readers left for me.  So far, I’ve explored why I need to lower my expectations and not be so perfectionistic, the limits of my time and energy, that trying things and not liking them is okay, and my job is a factor in my free time.

Here are two more things that are contributing to my being so discouraged.

I feel overwhelmed and unsatisfied.   I have more to write than I have time or energy to do.  It’s hard for me to write after work and I don’t like writing when I’m so tired.  Reducing the amount of my posts and writing them over the weekend helps me enjoy the process more.

It would be wonderful to post every week day, but I’m not much enjoying the journey.  Last year I posted every day for the random word challenge, but a fair amount of posts were short and superficial.  There are so many good blogs out there that I don’t want to do that simply to post to my blog.  I’d rather reduce my frequency and say something more meaningful.

Surprisingly, I’m continuing to increase subscribers even with my recent slowdown (thank you!!), and I want it worth everyone’s time to read what I’m writing.  Which you do – I don’t have lots of subscribers like other blogs, but my goodness you are faithful to leave comments and respond to my blog.  That is SOOO satisfying.  Thank you for your loyalty.

I also overdid it.  I love reading blogs, leaving comments, and I really love having relationships with other bloggers.  But it got to be way too much.  I’ve unsubscribed a bunch of E-mails and / or newsletters that I was getting where bloggers or advertisers had no idea who I was.  I’ve reduced to a weekly frequency blogs that I’ve not built a relationship with.  That leaves daily my fellow bloggers who leave me comments and push the “like” button.  It’s much more manageable for me to follow the blogs where I have a relationship and read the others as I have time.

I’ve reduced the number of comments I’m leaving too and I’m sorry about that.  Some weeks it’s easier for me to sit and leave you notes, other weeks it just isn’t.  I also need to be more timely responding to the comments you’re leaving me on my blog.  I’m thrilled each time someone takes time to leave me a note, which is why I try to respond to each comment.

I plan (for now) to keep my other blog going, albeit slowly.  I have such a love for keeping journals and recording my life.  I want to encourage everyone to do it, whether in a journal, blog, or photo album.  I believe the greatest gift we can give to future generations is the legacy of who we were and what we did with our lives.  I might not use as many guest bloggers due to lack of time, but I still want to post ideas, how-to’s, and encouragements to record our lives.

I could collapse the two blogs together, but not every reader of this blog is interested in the topics of A Daily Life.  I probably shouldn’t have separated them out, but it seemed right at the time.  Until I decide otherwise, I’m going to continue with it for now.  That’s always subject to change (of course!).

My next post will be a wrap-up of a few more things that have been bothering me and the steps I’m taking to make changes.

I love this little house in Colonial Williamsburg!  The garden is constantly changing and the scene is different each time I stop by.  I took this shot in mid-May, the same time as this one here.

Some places just sing songs to me and I can’t take too many pictures. This is one of my very favorites.

Discouragement Life Lessons

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  1. Nancy ~

    This is a great game plan to balance priorities. And I love the cottage . . . I went to college in Wmsburg so it brings back happy memories for me.


    • The plan has worked pretty well. I’ve been much more enthused about my blog and not quite so whiny about my time. It really helps me to remember that the number one reason I write and show my photos is for myself. Everyone else is a real nice extra.

      I have tons of Williamsburg pictures on my blog. With the yearly pass, I’m out there 1 to 2 times a month. It’s a favorite local place for my photos.

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment!

  2. I’m glad to hear you are making peace with life’s busyness, and making it work for you. Good lessons!

  3. Nancy, you are finding a balance that works for you. I did not expect the relationships that came from blogging. It can be overwhelming to try to keep up with writing and reading. You will regain balance again. Please do not feel obligated to comment or reply to comments.

    • You’re right about the relationships being such a wonderful bonus from blogging. I’m working back to balance, but I think my biggest adjustment is that I simply do not have time to blog as much with all the other things I want to be doing.

      As for commenting and replying to comments – you’re right, I don’t need to, but I do enjoy it. And that’s how I built these relationships to start with. For sure, you’d see a lot more comments from me if I have time.

      I have some great photo ideas out on Pinterest to share with you for the kids. I hope to get them posted soon on my other blog. I think you’d find them interesting.

  4. That just is the perfect cottage in that shot.
    Overload is never fun. You just have to do the best you can – and that’s fine. It’s better than fine – it’s perfect.
    You have to be gentle with yourself in order to be of value/use to those near you.
    As far as writing – I’m impressed by those who manage to write everyday and keep up – I can’t.
    Decided quality is better than quantity – and people will jus have to understand if I’m off doing life sometimes.
    Hang in there – and fly free!

    • Thanks Karen! Quality is definitely better than quantity. And yeah, I do have to back on being so negative with myself and just roll with it. Thanks as always for stopping by.

      How’s the German Shephard doing?

      • Oh, the German’s off in her forever home but we hear from them – and should have an update soon.
        Don’t be too hard on yourself – this is a tough time of year – I always languish until that first cool fall breeze

  5. Nancy, you are singing to the choir here…

    “It’s much more manageable for me to follow the blogs where I have a relationship and read the others as I have time.”

    I too, am weeding out all blogs where there is never a response, most quilting blogs if they are all about contests and giveaways, and trying to wean it down to only those who feel like real people on the other end. No matter how wonderful they are, if there is no rapport, then you might just as well try engaging in a conversation with their computer. Where is the love in that?

    Yup, it is good to clean house. I have made some very good friends and acquaintances here on the blogosphere, and they are worth keeping and cultivating.
    ~ Lynda

  6. Blogging is about more than simply gaining more followers or writing a post everyday. It is largely about relationships, which you pointed out here. I follow a handful of blogs, but don’t follow everyone who follows me. There is no way to do that well. (for me at least) Bottom line– do what works for you and make no apologies for that. It is your blog. You can write as often as you would like.

    • Thanks Derek! Great advice as always. I enjoyed blogging every day last year, but I haven’t missed it this year. And I agree that having good friends in the blogging community is so much better than a bunch of anonymous followers. That was probably the biggest surprise was the good friends I’ve made through blogging.

  7. I so agree with you that it is better to do one blog a week than one everyday. I don’t have time to read a blog a day from everyone anyway. I too have been overwhelmed at all the time blogging, reading and commenting has taken. Although I love it, I have also cut back. We can’t do it all my friend! I agree with Cee, hitting the like button shows someone has visited (and liked what they read) and that is all we need. Hang in there!

    • You are so right – I should use the “like” button a whole lot more to at least let people that I came by.

      I always appreciate your feedback – such good advice you give me!

  8. Don’t worry about commenting on my blogs. I know that you are out there. What I tend to do is hit the like button rather than commenting…that way the person at least knows I have been looking at their blog. Take care of yourself first and foremost!!

    • Cee – you are such a sweetie. Believe me, if I had time, I’d respond to a lot more of yours & Chris’s blogging. You guys write some really good stuff.

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