Lingering In The Moment

One of my mantras lately is to linger in the moment, whether I’m enjoying going out for breakfast before work, reading my book during lunch or anything else that I’m particularly enjoying.

This is distinguished from savoring the moment.  According to Wiktionary, savor means “to appreciate, enjoy, or relish something”.  Linger however, means “to stay or remain in a place or situation, especially as if unwilling to depart”.

Clearly I am savoring the moment if I decide to linger in it.  But for me, lingering in the moment is to stretch it out just a little longer.  If I’ve gone out for breakfast before work, I’ll stay for a few more minutes to visit with my favorite boy toy before going.  If I’m reading during my lunch break and finish eating, instead of running back to my desk, I sit there a little longer and enjoy more of my book.  My walks stretch out more on a nice day, I fondle the dog’s ears longer when I pet them, and I stand outside looking at the sunset and let my mind wander without rushing right into the house to get more done.

I’m finding myself more relaxed, more enjoying the moment, and overall just happier.  I don’t know why I started doing it – probably on a particularly bad day I took a few minutes longer and enjoyed it so much it became a habit.  I’m glad I do it though and I’m glad I’m reminding myself to do when possible.  As with anything, it has to be done with discretion.  My employer expects me to come in and get my work done, chores have to be done (especially if it involves feeding the dogs!), and life lived.

But each day has some enjoyable moments and it’s worth hanging around with them for just a few more minutes when I find them.

This lovely picture is from Colonial Williamsburg last month.  I took a vacation day and spent the day by myself taking pictures, eating out, and sitting by the little pond in the Governor’s Palace.  All day I lingered in the moment and came home in a wonderful mood.  It was a beautiful cool day with low humidity, so instead of taking the shuttle bus from the visitor’s center, I walked into the historical area and walked everywhere else I wanted to go.  I enjoyed the beautiful weather that day by staying outside (even to eat) and turning my face to the sun everywhere I went.

This week has gotten hot and humid; the heat index has been in the upper 90’s all week.  I’m glad I enjoyed the gorgeous day when I did.

Bridge along the footpath from the visitors center into Colonial Willliamsburg. You don’t see this bridge if you take the shuttle bus.

This picture was stylized using Topaz Labs filters to give it a dreamy look.

Gratitude Virginia Williamsburg

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    • Darlene – I think that lingering in the moment is a message we all need to hear repeatedly. It’s just way too easy to skip over it and think we’ll do it later.

      Thanks (as always) for coming by!

  1. I like the dreamy look of the bridge, seems to take one back in time. Glad you’re taking the time to linger. :)

  2. Oh I remember crossing that little bridge back when I visited Colonial Willliamsburg, Because I detest heat we planned a trip to sites in VA during October, thinking that would insure comfortable weather. Guess what, it turned out to be a late season heat wave, in the 90s. And I got all bit up by sand fleas or something. So I was sticky and itchy, but the historic sites, especially Colonial Williamsburg were lovely just the same.

    • It’s lovely all times of the year, but it is hot and humid here a lot. We’ve gone three times in the last month and each time was cool with low humidity. So different than we usually go and we roast.

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