Enjoying The Nice Weather

Our weather continues to be unseasonably moderate.  It’s been reasonable temperatures – only in the upper 70’s – and low humidity for the most part.  It’s been wonderful and this weekend, we couldn’t stay home and do chores.

Off we went to Williamsburg – have to use those passes! – for food and photos.

We left the house early (having arranged for the dogsitter to come during lunch and let the boys out), arriving at the Trellis Restaurant for breakfast.

They’ve redecorated to a more updated and eclectic atmosphere of earth tones, with mood lighting.  The new menu is also very improved over the old one and is better prepared as well.  We both ordered a hearty breakfast that included homemade biscuits, Virginia ham, eggs and potatoes.

The farmer’s market was in full swing right outside the window and we had a wonderful opportunity to people watch as we ate and listen to live music in Market Square.

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After breakfast, we split up.  It’s so much less frustrating for my favorite boy toy to set up his tripod and fuss over his pictures if I’m not there.  He carefully takes selected pictures, while I click away merrily at whatever catches my fancy, whether it works or not.  It’s also less frustrating for me to be able to dawdle over what appeals to me without him wanting me to get moving so he can find somewhere else to set up his tripod.

Although Williamsburg started out empty, that changed quickly as buses of tourists arrived.  Even so, I had a few minutes to sit by the pond in the Governor’s Palace and just unwind.  I did this for the first time in May when I went by myself for my birthday.  It’s quiet and peaceful as it’s way in the back and there’s usually no mosquitoes to chase me away.  Both in May and yesterday, I had my iPhone with.  I read some of your blogs and a few chapters from an e-Book, then just sat and watched the water ripple.

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This was to my right.  I kept turning to look at it – it was so peaceful there – and finally took a number of pictures, trying to capture the moment.  This is now the new header on my blog.

Over a month ago, I wrote of my frustrations with blogging, lack of time, lack of energy, and lack of enthusiasm.  I got a number of wonderful comments back from you, which I have distilled down and added more comments of my own.  One of the really big ones though was to not have such high expectations of myself and stop being so perfectionistic.  I’m still working on what that means for me, but it’s advice I’ve taken to heart.

That’s what this weekend was about.  My husband and I enjoyed the wonderful weather.  We ate out a nice breakfast and lunch (going back to the tea room) and checked out some museums that our pass allows us into.  We didn’t get home until late in the afternoon, then sat on the deck and enjoyed a late afternoon breeze as we read and chatted about the day.

Onion going to seed in the Governor’s Palace gardens
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Sunday was more of the same.  We made a run out to Home Depot for garden supplies to work outside in the cool morning.  We broke for a nice lunch at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, then wandered around the museum for several hours to see the new exhibits.  A Confederacy Chapel is at the edge of the ground and was open today.  We walked over there and looked at the beautiful stained glass windows, read the placards of some outside exhibits, and finally headed home for a nap and a relaxing evening.

It’s a pretty lengthy list of what didn’t get done this weekend – laundry, bills, cooking, freezing some excess food before it goes bad.  We did dishes. . . grudgingly.  We didn’t declutter and the only cleaning was some animal body functions involving target practice at the garbage can.

But wow.  We had fun, we relaxed and laughed, and for Monday, we are both ready to go back to work and be productive.

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  1. i so respect you for getting out and enjoying yourself. We all need to do that from time to time. Your weekend sounded heavenly and those chores will get done… whenever.

  2. Ah those what I did not get done lists. Much better to get out and have fun because no matter how many chores you check off they just reappear to be done over and over again.

  3. We all need a weekend like that once in awhile to recharge our batteries. Glad you made the time for it, and I look forward to seeing more photos. :)

  4. Such a great post. I lived in Williamsburg as a kid for a bit. The “hidden’ places of the Governor’s Palace were some of my favorite places to hang out or just read….and knew when the bread and gingerbread would be ready so could go and devour those delicious smells!

    • It is so cool for us to be living this close to it. We’ve loved exploring it and just being there. Thanks for sharing your own memories of it – I enjoyed your comment.

  5. And the best part is when you both return to work on Monday morning and you are asked if you had a nice weekend, you don’t have to pause and try to think about it. You had a weekend filled with activity, photos, people watching, and you made lovely memories, It’s the kind of weekend we live for! Great post and thanks so much for sharing!!

    • You are SO right about that. It was exactly the kind of weekend you wait all week for. The temps are now very hot & humid; I’m glad I was outside when I could. I’m glad you liked the post.

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