How I Spent My Vacation

Remember when we would go back to school in the fall and the first assignment was an essay to write about what we did during our summer vacation?  Well, it’s much more fun to do when it’s a blog and no one’s grading it.

I had a great time in Atlanta!  I drove down the Thursday before Memorial Day and came back the Friday after.

To my mind, a great vacation needs most of the following:

  • Time to read, rest and relax
  • Local day trips
  • Try something new
  • Chatting with family and friends
  • Going out to eat

This trip did all of the above!  When my daughter was little, my vacations were usually spent going to see my sister and her family.  Now that all of our children are older, my sister and I are visiting with them instead of each other.  It’s a natural change in our lives.  My favorite boy toy stayed home with the dogs, so it was “girls only” for the week.

My daughter asked me to take some pictures of her for using on-line.  I don’t do portrait work, so it took us a few tries to figure it out.  We went through several changes of clothing and hair, as well as different positions in her front yard.  In the end, we got some nice shots for her to use.  This one was adjusted using a pink filter.  I really liked it, although I’m not sure she did.

I took this!


I also practiced taking some puppy shots.  There was a knack to it and I’d taken several shots of the puppies before my daughter realized that I had not taken a clear picture of the collar color to identify which puppy was in the picture.  Once we got it straightened out, it went pretty fast.  Of course I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the puppies squirming in the laundry basket.  They finally dumped it over, then took off as fast as they could, even though they had no idea where they wanted to go.

Another new thing for me was trying a green smoothie.  My daughter has been happy using them as part of her diet, and I enjoyed trying them with her and having her show me what she was making.

We also went strawberry picking and brought back to her house six gallons of strawberries and a gallon of blackberries.  We froze and dehydrated a bunch of them and ate them lavishly for the next days.  Or perhaps the better term would be we were gluttons.  They were so good – red all the way through and so very sweet.

She went back to work while I was visiting.  I met her for lunch several days and enjoyed a few minutes sitting by the lake at the edge of her employer’s parking lot as I waited for her to meet me.

It was this overcast but it never actually rained.

Along with plenty of laughter, we went out to eat a few times and we also grilled out.  Here’s the skewers she was getting ready.  I trimmed, cubed and marinated the meat using this yummy recipe from Cooking Light.


We went shopping one day, both of us picking up a few tops for work.  I went another afternoon to the Mall of Georgia.  I don’t usually shop, so it’s a treat to take time and do so while on vacation.

All too soon the week ended and it was time to head back to my own house.  Since I had a few last days left, my favorite boy toy and I decided to enjoy the moderate weather and go to Williamsburg for the day.  Although I have a number of pictures to share from my that trip, I will leave you with the photo that is now my header on the blog.

Dogs Family Travel Williamsburg

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    • It was fun and that basket of puppies was hilarious. When they spilled it over and took off, I looked at her asked what they thought they were doing. She said, they’re puppies; they’re clueless. And they were. Although it was harder to corral them than I thought it would be – they moved fast and are very good at evasion.

    • Atlanta has some great restaurants, but not so much out where she lives. For Mexican, we go to a chain called El Jinete. We also went to Sonny’s Bar-B-Q that was really good. I also got to try Bonefish. Downtown Atlanta has all kinds of great places, but that’s quite a drive from her house even during non-rush hour traffic.

  1. That is a great picture of your daughter. I haven’t had much work with portraits, landscapes are my favorite. Pretty daylilies. Glad you had a nice vacation!

    • Thanks Patti! I kept asking her if she didn’t want it done professionally, but she didn’t. It took a few tries, but we did get some good pictures for her to use.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your lovely daughter. I love the new header with what we call Prairie Lillys. We all need time to get away, so glad you did.

    • Thanks Darlene! I always enjoy reading about your time with your daughter as well – it’s so much fun now that they’re adults isn’t it!

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