I’d Rather Drive


This week’s theme for Six Word Friday is “drive“.  For me:

I would rather drive than fly.

Which is particularly appropriate since I am now in Atlanta for the long weekend.  YES!  I am visiting my daughter while my favorite boy toy stays home with the boys.

So pretty! She had just gotten home from a work and was still all dressed up.

It’s not worth flying to Georgia from Virginia.  The time to get to the airport, go through security and wait for the flight, coupled with the round trip for my daughter to come and get me makes the drive only a few hours longer.  I can bring whatever I want, not squeeze into a tiny seat, and not worry about weight, which I use to full advantage since I don’t like to travel light.

I arrived with a trunk full of my clothes for a week, a cooler with frozen herbs that she wanted from my freezer, books to read, my laptop, camera, and some other things.  I often have several boxes of books to pass along to a friend of hers (his nickname is Books and it’s appropriate too), but didn’t this time.

I can’t believe I used to travel regularly for business, anywhere from 25 to 50%.  It was great in that I got to see the country and experience different cultures, food, and work with a variety of people.  The downside was being away from my husband and small child, never being caught up on my sleep, and struggling even more with my weight from eating so many meals out.

Travel wasn’t as bad then as it is now.  There wasn’t security screening at the airport and you could check through several bags without charge.  Of course, the airport shopping now is much better than it was 25 years ago.  These days, I could easily spend a couple of hours shopping in the larger airports.

But I’m glad I can drive and not fly.  My Honda Civic, while small, is comfortable.  I drove with the sunroof and windows open, feeling the air on my face.  When it got too hot, I closed it up, turned on the air, and listened to music from my iPhone.  I stopped every few hours for a break to keep myself awake and not get too stiff.

At the end, it was worth arriving in Atlanta and enjoying this pretty sight as I got ready to greet my child and her dogs.

I was happy to finally arrive. The flowers were an extra bonus.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!  Drive safe if you are on the roads.