Bring It On!


Thank you everyone for the kind comments from my post the other day.  I’m still digesting your advice and support.  Most likely I will post about it next week.

This week’s theme for Six Word Friday is “bring”.  Oh yes, one of my favorite statements, but with a caveat:

Bring it on – use with caution

I love seeing it used on the Food Network Channel.  Usually it’s two of the guys with a testosterone rush, like the time that Michael Symons opponent in the Iron Chef requested and received permission to do the challenge with no sous chefs.  Michael Symons couldn’t resist doing the same, saying “bring it on”, although halfway through he decided that wasn’t one of his best moves (he went on to win anyhow).

Bobby Flay did a throwdown with a genteel Southern cook who ran an etiquette school.  He studied up on manners and etiquette as he prepared for the throwdown.  He gets there, wanting to impress her, and what does she yell at him?  Bring it on, Bobby!  It was pretty funny.

I love using that phrase too!  It feels so good when I use it – makes me go all twitchy with an adrenaline rush.  It’s a good one to use on tax auditors.  I don’t do it frequently, but when an auditor gets unreasonable or pushes too hard, I will say it.  Although my employer keeps my department on a tight budget, they’re also not afraid to fund outside attorney’s to take on a taxing jurisdiction.

But this is a phrase to use with caution.  It’s not just a matter of getting your bluff called, which is embarrassing, but it’s also the issue of whether you’re ready to face the consequences of playing chicken with someone.

The Bible tells us that a soft answer turns aside wrath.  It does.  Harsh words can inflame a situation.  Some days and sometimes it doesn’t take much for a situation to become irrevocable.  Relationships cannot always be patched or repaired.  Jobs can be lost the same way.  Trust is hard won and easily lost.

So unless everyone is laughing when you say “BRING IT ON”, think twice before using it.  Make sure it truly is appropriate to the current situation and that you’re willing to pay the price for daring someone to take you on.

I changed my header picture today.  I took a vacation day and went to Williamsburg by myself to take pictures, eat out, and just putter around.  This picture is from earlier this morning.

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