Taking An Unexpected Break


I’ve been taking a break from my blog rather unexpectedly.  So what was I doing instead?  Well, I was:

  • Writing
  • Cooking
  • Reading
  • Sleeping

Writing – Several weeks ago, I started an on-line course from Sheila Bender, author of books about journaling and turning journals into personal essays.  The timing wasn’t the greatest, but I’ve been wanting to take this class and was concerned that at some point, she wouldn’t offer it again.

The first three weeks have been different types of essays – descriptive, compare and contrast, and for this week, cause and effect.  I’m using different entries from my blog to develop these essays and will post them as I have time.

It’s been more work than I expected; not only am I developing the essays, but I’m also commenting on the essays posted by my fellow participants.  I am reading them carefully so as to offer worthwhile comments for their consideration.  My fellow participants are doing the same and have offered me some very good comments on my own work.  I like them and am glad this is a supportive group.

Sheila has been great as well.  She gives a detailed critique to each essay and does it in a way that is very encouraging.  I look at what she writes me back and wonder how did I miss that?  She will offer a follow-up class on revision and I think it is likely I will take that as well.

Cooking – I had a turkey and ham from Easter that never got cooked because I spent the afternoon on the deck visiting with my daughter instead of running in and out of the kitchen.  My favorite boy toy left for a photo trip to the Smoky Mountains shortly after she went home.  I’ve cooked up both, made several pots of soup, turkey broth from the leftover carcass, and am working at getting old food used up from the freezer.

The beagle is finally losing weight and has much better energy.  We’ve reduced the amount of food he gets and substituted big piles of green beans instead.  So. . . I’m trying the same thing.  I’ve tremendously increased the amount of vegetables that I’m eating and cutting portions more.  It’s taking some adjustment, but I am seeing a reduction in my cravings although I don’t yet see an improvement in my energy.

Reading – I’ve been getting lost in some books.  I sometimes buy the Amazon Daily Deals for the Kindle and have gotten some really good books for $.99 to $1.99.  A Gentle Rain by Deborah Smith was really good.  Although I prefer mysteries, this romance novel had a good plot and I liked the characters.  I was disappointed this one isn’t a series.

Another good read was Reckless by Andrew Gross.  For the price, I expected it to be a novella, a prelude to his new book that is not yet out.  It was a full length book about a terrorist plot involving destroying the U.S.A. financial markets.

The Black Stiletto by Raymond Benson is the story of an adult son who discovers his mother was a superhero avenger as a young woman.  It was an okay read, but I never got overly involved in the story.

Sleeping – I came down with another cold.  I didn’t miss anytime from work, but I spent the week after Easter just working and sleeping.  I got over it in about ten days, but I was pretty tired all the time.

I also went out to the botanical gardens on Saturday.  The azalea’s continue to bloom in all kinds of colors.  The ones below are part of my new header.

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Have a good week!