Order Returns To The Garden

This week’s theme for Six Word Friday is “return”.  It is a good description of my daughter helping me plant the garden this last weekend:

Order returns to the garden again.

I ended last year’s garden feeling pretty discouraged.  The tomatoes either rotted or got eaten, and while we picked a fair amount of winter squash, over half of it rotted on the vine.  The green beans and peppers were barely productive.  What peppers we harvested tasted bitter.  I didn’t do much to clean out the beds or maintain them over the winter.  As a result, they looked like this prior to Saturday afternoon:

The weeds have taken over - and they're not the same weeds from last year either

Even the herb planters were a mess:

No, I didn't care about these either although I did keep harvesting them all winter long

My daughter encouraged me to think differently about what I did.  I put in tomatoes again, but cherry and plum.  They ripen faster and there should be less time to rot or get eaten.  I’m skipping the squash and am going to try watermelon instead – the small, individual size ones.  I also converted one of the beds into more herbs so I’ll have eucalyptus, fennel, dill and more parsley.

Last year, I didn’t plant anything until the end of May.  It had already been warm and frost free for a while.  Getting an earlier start this year might help me start harvesting before it everything burns up in the summer heat and rots with the humidity.

Yes, that tape is to keep out the dogs

Everything seems to be doing well except for the tomatoes that came as part of a four-pack.  The other tomatoes that were in 3″ pots are doing just fine.  I got rid of the dried up sticks and dead branches in the herb planters.  I kept the bigger clumps of herbs that came back.

The tomatoes and basil are not frost hardy.  If we have another one, I’ll be replacing some plants.  We’ll see.  The lowest temperatures this week are 36 degrees (Farenheit), after which the nights go back up into the 40’s & 50’s.

The herbs went ahhhh. . . room to grow

I also planted salvia, lantana, a butterfly bush and some lacecap hydrangea’s to attract bees and butterflies into the yard.  Of course with all the parsley, attracting butterflies is not a problem.  Having enough parsley for myself after the hungry caterpillars eat it is the problem.

So now. . . if he stares long enough, can he will a bee into existence?  That’s what my daughter and I thought he was doing, but it turns out he was chasing flies.  Bees, flies, what’s the difference?  It keeps him entertained for hours.

Is that a bee for me to eat?

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments on enjoying time with my daughter.  I very much appreciated it.  Even with the work on the yard and replacing some light fixtures, there was time to relax and just visit.

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  1. You did a great job. It does so-o-o help to have a friend at your side to get you going and keep you at those tasks you don’t want to think about. :) Hurray for your daughter/friend.

  2. my sister planted some more herbs for me after my attempt last year failed miserably. This lot are in the sun so should grow… your’s look pretty good now. Fingers crossed everything grows well for you :)

  3. You garden looks beautiful now! I haven’t even made an attempt at a garden the last couple of years, but I’m hoping to at least get cherry tomatoes planted this year. It could happen. :)

  4. Your garden prep is an inspiration. I’m waiting for a nice day to get outside to work. This afternoon would have been good, but I had other things that needed tending to first.

    • I’m glad it inspired you! It’s hard finding time for everything – I can sympathize, although our weather should be nice the rest of the week. Cool, but that’s okay for working outside.

  5. We have wanted to plant an actual garden for a few years, but have been limited by the amount of shade in our yard. we have some ideas and this just inspires me to actually make it happen. We will see.

    • LOL! I’m glad I made you think about it more. My daughter loved the garden when she was little. I didn’t harvest too much as she was eating it faster than it grew.

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