Happy Easter!

For the second year, our daughter has been able to travel to Virginia and spend some time with us for the Easter holiday.  We’ve had fun shopping at the local nursery and working on the yard.  I did put in a garden and will post about that later.

These pictures are from this morning – we went to the Cheesecake Factory for brunch and a piece of cheesecake, then spent the afternoon visiting on the back deck before taking an afternoon nap.

He's measuring how tall he is next to her and she's trying to not roll her eyes at him.

Here she is with me.

Yes, she is that tall and I'm that short.

I hope everyone had a great day!


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    • Saturday was pretty tough – I’m so not in shape for that much yardwork. I’m glad she was here to help out, but I was also glad we took some downtime on Sunday and just hung out. Thanks for the well wishes!

  1. Great photos of you and your family! So glad you got to spend time together on Easter. Family time is the best!

    • Yes, Traci, family time really is the best isn’t it? I’m glad you liked the photos. I can’t believe how tall she is and how pretty.

    • Patti – I was thrilled. She didn’t plan this until the day before she drove here, so we were very surprised. It was so nice having her here for a few days.

    • I hadn’t thought of that about the garden until you mentioned it. Our spring is so unseasonably warm that I’m taking a chance there won’t be any more frost. Most of what went in is frost hardy, but not the tomatoes or basil. If they die, I’ll have to replace them. Last frost in 2011 was right around now also. I waited way too long to put in tomatoes in mid-May. By the time they started making fruit, the blight was already loose in the garden.

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