Offering The Dogs A Treat

Today’s theme for Six Word Friday is “offering”, which is a great description of the daily ritual of getting the dogs back in the house so I can leave for work:

Offering treats brings dogs in quickly.

The beagle in particular would rather be outside, especially first thing when he hasn’t done a perimeter check since the night before.  Who knows what could in the yard – rabbit scents!  Squirrels!  Moles!  Maybe even something to roll in!

 After chasing him around the yard more than once in my dress clothes, I decided there had to be a better way.  I started offering treats to dogs who willingly came in.  Since he’s very treat driven, he now runs out, does his business and comes flying back in.  He heads right for the pantry, his fanny kissing the tile floor like a good boy.  He can scooch around pretty good while sitting still, all the way making it clear that he’s impatient and wants his treats!

The other two get treats of course, but they aren’t so hard to get back in the house.  After all, who wants to stay in when it’s cold and dewy or snowy outside first thing in the morning?

I don’t have a picture of the morning ritual, but here’s what happens when my favorite boy toy tries to eat HIS treats.

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  1. Another one we missed. Gotta love those little perked up ears. Of course, Jaimie thinks they are all very cute.

  2. Our beloved old schnauzer, LuLu, craves frozen blueberries! When younger, she would chase them across the kitchen – little purple marbles of happiness! Now at advanced age, she takes them from our hands, crunching them to her great joy and satisfaction. And she knows they come from the freezer, so anytime that door is opened, she is ready for her treat.
    Hope you and your companions – including your boy toy – have a wonderful weekend! Kathleen

    • That is too funny – although our Vizsla loves ice cubes. Blueberries would have been so much more fun.

      Thanks for the warm wishes on the weekend. I so need it. Work is going well, but it’s intense.

    • My cats were not food driven – I’d have never gotten them to come for treats! Jealousy was a good motivator though – ya’ never know what you’re missing.

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