Spring at Pennsbury Inn


One of the things we like about Pennsbury Inn is their gorgeous grounds.  Although they are several weeks behind Virginia, spring has arrived there also.

I noticed the pretty smell when I walked past this.  It smells like lilacs and looks like lilacs, but I forgot to ask if that’s what it was.

The pussy willow was also in full bloom.  I haven’t seen one of these in years.

The side garden had a beautiful Lenten Rose.

I flipped one over to show you the inside.

Notice how the low trees are red tipped with new leaves?

Here’s a close-up of the little red leaf buds.

Okay, so this looks like it hasn’t been cleaned for spring yet.  Except that when I approached it, there was all kinds of splashing, then silence.  I waited a while and got this:

Here’s what was really there though – if you double click to blow it up, I’ve marked seven frogs in the pond.  There could be more, but unlike the child’s game Where’s Waldo, the frogs are not brightly  marked!  If they’d not gone splashing around, I’d not have noticed them.

Here’s the rose garden from last year.  The daffodils were pretty, but the roses were not yet swelling with buds.

It was warm enough that I could sit out in the gardens and just relax.  And take pictures from where I was sitting.  I liked this picture because of the symmetry of the curve in the sky.

I took this one from the chair too.  I don’t know why those couple of branches are so dark.  That’s not a camera effect – it truly looked like that.

Anyhow, enough sitting around.  During my walk around the grounds, I took this picture  just because I thought it was cool.

And I liked the texture in this one.  Aren’t these trees just huge?

Every garden needs a touch of red.  I took this from the window of our room the next morning.  Can you tell that it was quite a bit colder by how fluffy the cardinal is?

So that is spring at Pennsbury Inn.  Click here for a prior post about Pennsbury Inn and click here for the next post about visiting Chadds Ford.