Visiting Pennsbury Inn

1714! It’s old but beautiful.

My favorite boy toy and I went away for the weekend to Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.  I’d written earlier that I didn’t think we’d be back, but I was wrong.

We came back for several reasons:

  1. We wanted a weekend away
  2. My favorite boy toy wanted to take more pictures at Pennsbury Inn, where we had stayed before
  3. Pennsbury Inn is a great place to relax and refresh
  4. My boy toy wanted to go back to the Brandywine Museum to see the N.C. Wyeth artwork

I got up early on Friday and put the dogs on the resort van that takes them to their doggy daycare.  They were so wild!  They love doggy daycare and the young man who drives the van.  I dropped them off and ran away as fast as I could.  Free!  Free!  I was free!  No, actually I walked calmly back to the car and drove off, ignoring a beagle who decided to start howling for me.

Pennsbury Inn was our first experience at a bed & breakfast last year.  It’s owned by Chip & Cheryl Grono, who are gracious and accomodating hosts.

The original Inn was built in 1714.  It has hardwood floors and slate in front of the fireplace.

Picture of the plank floors with the slate (top) used in front of the fireplace.

Not too surprisingly, the floors aren’t level either.  I tried with this picture to show how the floor curves up, then down again.

The floors are not very level, which isn’t a surprise.

We first asked for the same room that we had last year.  It was quiet and overlooked the side garden.

Four Seasons Room

Then we decided to save some money and go with this room instead.  This is where we slept our first night.  It was comfortable, although neither of us fit too well into a twin bed :)

Longwood Room

The unused rooms had their doors open, so the next morning we did some quick exploring and found this room next to where we slept.

Winterarthur Room

Wow and double wow.  It even had its own small fireplace.  It wasn’t reserved for the weekend, so we decided to upgrade for our stay.

View from the window of the Winterarthur Room

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, breakfast the first morning was green eggs with soda bread.  Another couple joined the table as we were finishing up and we had a pleasant conversation with them.  Between us, we made a bit of a mess.

Breakfast table

This gorgeous cabinet is at the end of the table and hides the kitchen from view.  The top nearly touches the ceiling beams!

I love the carvings on the front!

The other end of the table goes to a Great Room, complete with a huge fireplace.  Cheryl lit a log the first night, but it was too warm after that for a fire.

The masonry is incredible on the hearth.

After breakfast, my boy toy started taking pictures and I wandered around, looking at the house.  This is the front room.  There’s another fireplace, a game table, and all kinds of knickknacks.

The front room

There are many antiques around the house, along with Cheryl’s collection of snowmen.  I’d never seen a checker set that looked like this and just had to take a picture of it.

Cute alert here!

I eventually went outside to see what was in bloom and take more pictures.

Back of the house; our room has the windows in the upper right

This little outbuilding is by the parking lot.  I love the stonework and the green door.

I took this in the late afternoon, which is why the light looks so warm and appealing

This was on the side of the outbuilding.  I thought it was cool having a mirror outside and seeing the peeling birch tree in the reflection.

This was totally unexpected

In a later post, I shared what I found in the backyard, as well as what we did and saw while we were in Chadds Ford.

Chadds Ford PA

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  1. You did a good job of showing the curved floor boards. The room you upgraded to looks nice! I also like the little stone building with green door. Hope you had a fabulous time!

  2. Nancy and Ken,

    Thank you so much for visiting again. We really enjoy having you here. Your pictures are lovely, as usual and we really appreciate your comments. By the way we’ll give you a 20% referral discount for any of your friends, who mention your name when making a reservation, up to one free night per visit, then we start over again. We’ve been doing that since we opened 12 years ago to show our gratitude for spreading the word.We love welcoming our guests and sharing all of the treasures of the Brandywine Valley with them.

    Warm regards,

    • Cheryl – you are welcome. We very much enjoyed coming back again. Thanks for the hospitality and how comfortable everything was. You & Chip do such a good job.

  3. Nancy,

    Looks like a wonderful place to visit. I just love old houses. Glad that you found time to escape…everyone deserves unplugging once and awhile.

  4. That does look lovely and I’m drooling here. :) We actually have a Grroupon coupon for 2 nights at a, new to us, B&B in WI. I just have to find a date that works for both a care-giver and the B&B. But oh am I ready!! :)

  5. What a wonderful place. I would love to visit it someday. My husband and I love B&Bs. You always meet such interesting people at them. Your photos are lovely (as always)

  6. Good for you going off for a little break. I love traditional old Inns, but my hubby is not a B&B guy. Smart Innkeepers to have doors open to available rooms. So glad you upgraded to a more comfy room. And with your boy toy taking photos you can take some ‘business’ deductions, right?

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