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It’s time for another Thursday smile.  I’d written before about the big eeew! factor that the big dogs don’t want to touch the miniature pinscher.  There would be 100 pounds of dogs in one dog bed, and 7 pounds in the other.

The fire must have been pretty irresistible on this day – I’m not sure who decided to share the bed, but they slept together like this for a while.

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  1. Our dogs never used to sleep together. But winter before last they sure did! We had such a brutal winter (these are California bred and raised pooches) that I guess it was more than they could take! I love your picture it is so darling! ~ Lynda

    • I’m glad you liked the picture! When we started locking the dogs into the kitchen at night, I was worried about them getting cold since they were on the floor and not the couch. My husband pointed out that if they got cold enough, they could sleep together. Our winter last year was terrible too. This year though was pretty mild. Way way too mild.

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