Gift in Wind, Water, White

Monday’s March Joy Dare was to find a gift in wind, in water and in white.  I have to be attentive to the present moment to find God’s presence in gifts as diverse as this.  And I did!

Sunday, I took a long walk at the woods with dog #1.  It was cool and only a moderate breeze, unlike the extreme windiness on Friday that blew grit in my face during my lunchtime walk.  It was nice having the wind die back and getting some fresh air with one of my favorite puppies.  And there’s the beagle going hey, hey, hey.  Don’t worry, they’re all my favorites.  The beagle was not happy getting left behind, but with his back and his weight, he can’t walk for very long anymore.

As I walked around the pond, a mallard drake flew in for a landing.  What a marvel of engineering for that little stout body!  He wasn’t flapping his wings – he shaped them into an oval and picked up speed for a straight shot to the water.  The wind offered no resistance to his flight plan.

Monday was the first workday (for me) after the time change.  It is so hard to get out of bed when the clock springs ahead an hour.  Thankfully, I got up only 15 minutes late and I didn’t need a shower – no water needed.  My hair looked fine and my exercise the day before didn’t leave me well, uh, smelly.  My favorite boy toy slept soundly through my getting ready for work, so I went out by myself for breakfast since I had enough time before work.

During lunch I checked some of the blogs that I follow.  Melissa, the coordinator of Six Words Friday, used last week’s word of “wish” to write that she wished spinach tasted like cupcakes.  I laughed and wrote her back that I wish they did too!  And shortly after lunch, some small cupcakes showed up on the file cabinet – chocolate with white frosting.  I was a good girl and only had one.  It was so yummy and tasted nothing like spinach.  [Do I need to hold up a card that says LAUGH here?]

And the parkway trees that started turning white last week?  They were even more open on Monday and I took a picture of them from my desk window.

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  1. That was a lovely walk! The trees are so pretty all puffed out in their white. Nice header photo, too. I don’t remember seeing it.

    • Thanks Patti. With following so many blogs, it’s easy to skip an entry or two. That’s why I put links in to older entries. Did you see my Walk in March? You got special mention towards the bottom.

  2. I so enjoy reading your posts and this one is no different. I was impressed that you can sit down to read a blog during breakfast…this would certainly make me late and since I now take that commuter van that can’t happen. I do however read blogs on my iPhone while riding, it can be a challenge to make a comment on that tiny keyboard in a moving vehicle though.
    I like spinach just fine the way it is but I would appreciate having peas taste like cupcakes:)

    • Paige – thank you so very much. Your commute time is a great time to do read blogs, but yeah, that little keyboard drives me nuts too. You can generally tell if I’m at my laptop when I respond or not simply by the length of my response.

      I don’t mind peas, spinach is barely okay, but cauliflower is yuck. I’d love for that to taste like cupcakes.

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