Hello Is Such a Nice Word


Recently, my fellow blogger JudithB had an interesting post on words in which she listed her choice of the ten best words in the English language.  Of course that got me thinking what my ten best words would be!  I only have four so far – this is going to take some thought – but one of them was the word hello.

The greeting “hello” is so often one with warmth and affection in it, especially when between family, old friends, or co-workers.  On the phone, I find it’s impersonal and often more of a question – hello?  But in person, it’s hard to say hello and not give a smile at the same time.  The more casual “hi” does the same, but is not always appropriate to the occasion.  “Howdy” is too informal, “greetings” is too formal and stuffy and “greetings earthling” a bit juvenile.  It’s still good though to yank someone’s chain, no matter what your age.

And of course, a simple hello is a great ice breaker.  I’ve acknowledged someone or vice versa and it’s time to talk.  Good manners suggest some chitchat before getting down to business, a skill I’ve had to work at.  But I also find people genuinely appreciate it when I remember to ask about their family or follow-up something personal they shared with me (how was the weekend trip, did the dog settle down).

For me, a nice hello and smile, with some light chat goes a long way to good relationships and interactions with other.

For some interesting thoughts on how your attitude can impact others, check out this interesting post at hurdestohappiness.  I have a comment further down on how I smile into the phone as I talk and how I think it makes a difference.

My other words at this time are home and patience.  Help is a possibility, but I’m not sure.

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When you come into my house, expect a big hello from the boys as well as getting frisked for treats.  Can you tell he’s barely past being a puppy?  He’s quite a bit smaller and of course, there’s no white hair on his face.