Daybook Entry – February 28

FOR TODAY – Tuesday, 2/28/12

Right now I am. . . at Cracker Barrel, waiting for my breakfast to come as I stare at the fire.  I scored a front row seat and have a great view of the warm, crackling flames.

I am wearing. . . my black dress pants and dress shoes.  I don’t think I’ll be walking during lunch today, otherwise I’d have on my dressy black gym shoes.  I also am wearing a long-sleeve, pink turtleneck t-shirt.  That plus my black sweater will keep me warm at my desk during the day today.

I am creating. . . a 2011 family photo album from the multitude of pictures that I took last year.  I’m meeting a friend later today for coffee and he wants to see family pictures.  I’ve pulled together enough to share with him, but now that I’ve done a first draft, there’s much more I can do with it.  Nothing is labeled, but if you want to see last year, it’s here along the right side.  Towards the end are pictures from the short trips we took last year – Willliamsburg, Chadds Ford, and Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia.

I am going. . . to have a good day.  I don’t know why – I just feel that I am.  This is really nice to be in such a good mood before work, to feel relaxed and that all is well in my life at this moment.  Not that my brain hasn’t stopped working since. . .

I am wondering. . . how to pay down our many bills even with my bonus, whether I really want to invest the time or money to go to the writer’s conference, and what further changes I need in my daily routines to exercise more, write more, and remain diligent at work.

I am reading. . . “Home: What It Means and Why It Matters” by Mary Gordon.  The first half was great and I felt had many good points about why home is important.  The second half though has become preachy and whiney and I feel like I’m reading a different book.

I am hoping. . . for some answered prayers about my life.  I am hoping a situation at work smooths out for a co-worker who is struggling right now.  I am hoping to keep up the swimming and new yoga workouts as I do feel better for it.

I am looking forward to. . . seeing my friend this afternoon.  We’ve known each other since before our children were born, when he was doing some consulting for me early in my career.  We see each other every few years and it’s always fun to catch up on our families and jobs.  He recently retired and has gone on to a new career and I am looking forward to hearing his excitement about it.

I am learning. . . how to use a piece of writing software called Scrivener for which I will post a review this week at A Daily Life.  I’m also learning some new yoga moves from a set of CD’s put out by Yoga Journal for a 21 day challenge.  I couldn’t do day 1 even with rewinding it multiple times.  I finally skipped ahead to day 2 and did much better.

Around the house. . . the new dog beds are shedding fleece everywhere.  The laundry fairy came (me).  My new computer is upstairs (the old iMac from my favorite boy toy’s office), but the Internet reception is so poor as to be non-existent.  We’ve called Verizon about this before and they have no solutions.  I think we’ll have to go to Best Buy and see if they have some way to boost the signal.

I am pondering. . . how I could memorialize Leap Day this year.  I don’t want to let it go without even acknowledging it.  Unfortunately, it will probably be a day like every other day.

A favorite quote for today. . .

 “Remember, just because something doesn’t last forever
doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth your while.”

Marc & Angel Hack Life

One of my favorite things. . . are my books.  Over the weekend, I went through and made two small piles of books I want to reread this year and books I’d like to reread when I have time.  I’ll list them out when I update my progress on my goals.

A few plans for the rest of the week. . . I’m doing some training on using our software at work. The younger staff has all kinds of questions, so it’s easier to get them all together over lunch.  I’m also getting ready for a tax audit next week.  I’ve not worked with this auditor before, but she’s been good to deal with on the phone so far.

And that’s the day so far!


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  1. Some days that fire feels so nice. One chilly day I sat next to the one at Panera. Ahhhhh. We spent a day of our honeymoon at Harper’s Ferry. I’d love to go back there sometime.

    • We plan on going back to Harper’s Ferry. We loved the B&B we stayed at and came home with a lot of great pictures. I’ve never been able to get near the fire at Panera’s to try it out!

    • I did have a good day. I had a great visit with my friend, he got to do some good networking with my upper management (my VP made 15 minutes out of his schedule, which was fantastic), and my contentment stayed with me all day. I very much enjoyed my mood today.

    • I had to go to work afterwards myself. I’ve enjoyed doing these posts – it’s a mini time capsule of what I was doing at a moment in time. I’m glad you liked it.

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