Spring Is Coming Early

Today’s theme for Six Word Friday is “bare”, which is a good way to describe this unusually mild winter in central Virginia:
Bare trees no more, spring comes.

Last year was snowy and icy for most of the winter.  One of my Nancyism’s – that’s true even here in Virginia – is that spring doesn’t come until I see robins shivering in the snow.  There’s always one last snow after the robins come back.

I don’t know if that’s going to happen this year.  The maple is leafing out already, nearly two months ahead of schedule.
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Even my favorite oak tree is in bud!  That is so wrong.  It’s not the last one to bud; the oak willow is always last and it’s not in bud yet.  I expect it will be any day now.

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This weather is just weird and I’m not sure I like it.  Not much I can about it though.  It is what it is

A Daily Life has a new post on using HTML to create extra blank lines in your posts.  Additionally, the post on embedding a YouTube video was edited and updated for some experimentation I did after it was published.

Have a good weekend!  I think my favorite boy toy and I will be off wandering.  We’ve been home just a little too much the last few weeks and are both itching to get in the car and just drive.  Hopefully I’ll have some good pictures and stories to tell next week.


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  1. The budding tress look beautiful now but hope any change in weather does not destroy them. Have a fun and relaxing week-end. I’m de-cludering a closet; one that just got out of hand!

    • Wow, have fun with that closet! Still, it will be a great sense of satisfaction for you to get that done. I am concerned if the weather gets bad that the trees will get damaged. Although we did have that snow last week, but it was up to 50 degrees again the next day. Very weird.

  2. My son is studying Atmospheric Science at Lyndon State College in Vermont. He tells me that his low emotion PhD teacher is concerned about the weather pattern we have seen this winter season. Definitely weird.

    • I think it is something to be concerned about. Last summer was lethally hot for days on end and we lost most of our garden and had to be very careful to not hurt ourselves outside. It will be pretty bad if it’s even worse this year.

      Plus the bugs have never died back. We’re still killing mosquitoes and they should have been dead for several months now. My garden and herb pots have a nasty aggressive ant in them – like fire ants but not red – and I was hoping they’d die back too.

    • A blog I followed calls it global weirding. I think she’s right.

      I’m sure we’ll have fun – we usually do even if it’s someplace we don’t want to go back to again.

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