Right Now in February . . .

Right now . . .

. . . I am enjoying having spent the day with my husband.  He got back late last night from visiting our daughter and we’ve spent today just visiting and getting a few things done.  He enjoyed his visit and she enjoyed seeing her Dad.  I enjoyed a few days by myself and got things done around the house.

. . . the dogs are clean.  I got them washed today, so they don’t smell for now and their coats are soft and silky.  We’ve decided to replace their beds, but didn’t get around to it today.  The beds are dirty and too big for the washing machine.  The stuffing has flattened out and is probably not warm enough when they have to sleep in the kitchen at night.  Of course, if the beagle didn’t feel the need to pee the carpet during the night, they could stay in the warmer family room.  Nah.

. . . I’m looking forward to bed.  I have an early meeting tomorrow at work for the quarterly financial update.  It’s usually a good meeting, but I don’t go into the office that early.  I’ve enjoyed having a few days off and being on my more normal schedule – a productive morning, lunch, read for several hours, take a long nap, then a productive evening and bed.  I’m sleeping about six hours at night plus a two hour nap and am really feeling good.

. . . I’m feeling very pleased with with my blogging.  Responses to both blogs have been very positive, I’m seeing an increase in subscribers, and I’ve had some really good content to share.  My readers are the greatest (thanks all of you!) – I may not have a huge number of subscribers, but all of you are so faithful to leave me comments and feedback.  It really makes my day that you click on “like” or let me know that you’ve liked what I did.

. . . I’m eager to get back to the new J.D. Robb book that came out today, “Celebrity In Death“.  I started it before my nap this afternoon but was too tired to get very far into it.  I love her books for the most part, although the last one wasn’t as good.  Nora Roberts wrote it, not J.D. Robb.  You do know that J.D. Robb is Nora Roberts alter ego?  Nora’s books are feel good romances with some sizzle.  J.D. Robb is edgy, aggressive, and takes no prisoners.

. . . I’m enjoying the sweet taste of a couple of Clementine oranges as I write.  They’re less messy than a regular orange and are peak right now.  Besides, I can always wipe my hands off on my jeans :)

How about you?  Do you have four “Right Now” things to share in the comments?  What are you up to at this moment?

Many thanks to Kristen at The Frugal Girl for this idea for a post.

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It’s too bad that self bathing isn’t enough to keep the beagle from being so oily and smelly!

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  1. Right now…
    On the bed, just finished another ice/heat session on my back, trying to catch up reading missed blogs.
    Hearing the neighbor’s dog bark, traffic on the street out front (4 lanes)–and then noticing how quiet it is when both stop.
    Trying to decide if it is wise to drive to Sam’s to pick up a couple of Rxs, if for nothing else but to get out of the house for some fresh air.
    Wondering if it is going to rain, the sky is overcast.

  2. De-cluttering my office closet.
    Taking a break with the girl to catch up on the week of blogs.
    Thinking about running to the grocery store; put it off all week now it’s a Saturday must.
    Thinking I should move my exercise ball into the office; thanks for the great idea!

  3. Right now…
    I am very sleepy and seriously thinking about retiring for the night.
    Looking forward to riding the Easy Street commuter van tomorrow(I have had to drive these past 2 days)
    Listening to my college age son who is home for the week listen to the Presidential debate(great that he is interested and engaged)
    Balancing on an exercise ball while I type this(good for the abds you know).
    Great idea…thanks

    • Great response! I’m glad you liked it and shared what you were up to. Enjoy your son – how nice to have him home for a few days. And yeah, commuting is a hassle. I love being able to car pool / van pool. I did it all the time when I worked in Minneapolis.

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