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Wondering why you’re having to approve my comments?  I changed my E-mail address today.  As a result, my comments are going into moderation even though I’ve left them (and been approved) previously on your blogs.  Thankfully they only have to be approved once unless your settings require you to approve every comment.

Remember to check your spam folders.  As far as I know, nothing has gone in there, but it does sometimes happen.

If you’re unsure how to adjust your settings for comments, I wrote about that over at A Daily Life.



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  1. I find the whole following comments thing on WordPress a little annoying. I hate that I have to confirm that I wanted to follow the comments. I’ve been reading blogs less frequently, but more at a time, on my Google reader and I often have a ton of emails that I need to deal with just asking me to confirm I wanted to follow a blogger’s comments. Annoying.

    Then, once the blogger has responded to my comment, I have to go back and unsubscribe to the comments or I sometimes get deluged. It seems like there should be an easier way.

    • It might be using the reader. The only time I’ve had to subscribe to comments is if I’m not logged in WordPress when I leave it. I am starting to unsubscribe more quickly, although I still have to look up my instructions over at A Daily Life on how to do it.

      My next problem now is that I’m getting WordPress notifications in both E-mails and I can’t figure out why. I put in a ticket with WordPress, but I think I might have to unsubscribe and then subscribe again to clear the old address. Grrr. . . .

    • I had trouble last year with my comments going into spam. I was still new at it and was putting links into comments when I’d not been previously approved at a site. Since then, I wait until the second time I comment to put in links. Still, after the trouble you just had (even on my blog), I thought it was worth reminding everyone to check their spam.

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