Happy Thursday

Thought you might like a smile to start your day!  Here’s a picture from our lazy Sunday afternoon last weekend.

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Now, if you aren’t certain how comfortable the little guy is in the middle, this might help you figure it out.

© 2012 dogear6 llc

Made ya’ smile!

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    • Actually, no min pin doesn’t have his own bed. He has his crate for overnight. He won’t sleep in a small bed – he wants the big bed. My family room is not big enough for three big beds. He often rolls up in his blue blanket anyhow, so it usually works out at some point.

  1. My sidekick is making lots of vocal sounds; trying very hard to talk to those dogs. If she were in the room they would not be sleeping peacefully! :)

    As for me, I think we all need one of those days quite regularly.

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