What Is Love?


As we approach Valentine’s Day, I wanted to get in my two cents as to what love is.

Love is NOT about expensive jewelry.  It’s not about how much gets spent, whether the card is fancy enough, or if we go out for supper.  It’s certainly not about getting a new car with a bow on it, although when I bought my Honda Civic, I did ask for a bow.  The dealer didn’t have any.

Love is the day-in-and-day-out actions that we do for each other.  Love is being kind, giving more than getting, and using kind words to each other.

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It’s my husband cooking supper for us at night so I don’t have to be responsible for it anymore.

It’s me mopping up messes without being asked and bringing in the garbage cans from the curb.

It’s the SoftSoap fairy filling all the containers and clean laundry magically appearing in the closet and drawers.

It’s about keeping bushes trimmed, furnaces working, and car oil changed.  It’s about finding warranties and instruction manuals and dog vaccination records in an orderly file drawer.

Love is our daughter fixing up a guest room, because we asked her to.  It’s taking the time and money to repaint, hang light dampening curtains, replace a ceiling fan, put on a new shower head, and replacing the toilet.  All so her parents have their own room when they come to visit.

It’s buying us a complete set of new pots and pans because she knows how much we love the brand we recommended to her, and buying me a beautiful new watch when I admired hers.

It’s about her Dad coming to help her when she tried her dream of owning a dog kennel, then coming back to help her dismantle it and move back to her old life.

It’s about her Mom taking vacation days to come visit, just like years ago when she used to take vacation days so a small child could go the pool for the day or go miniature golfing.

Love is many little things and many little actions.  It’s a lifetime of kindness and generosities, both of time and money.

I know I’m loved regardless of the size of my diamond or my car.  I’m loved whether I get a big card or a fancy meal.  And they know they’re loved too.

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