19 thoughts on “Happy Thursday

  1. Nancy, Your dogs are so beautiful, and you are much more lenient that I am. I don’t like my big dog Buddy to get on the furniture because he is so harry and slobbery, but he does it anyway… It is a rare day that I can catch him in such a deep sleep that he doesn’t hear me coming and jump down. He will actually jump to the floor (with an audible thud) and then lay down and pretend he is asleep!!! ;)
    I want to be mad at him, but then he opens one eye in a slit and looks at me like, “I’ve been here the whole time, can’t you tell I’ve been sleeping?” ~ Lynda

    1. Our cats did the same thing with the kitchen counter. They knew they weren’t supposed to be up there, but we could always hear them thump down as we approached the kitchen. The dogs took over the couch their first day home. The cats were so not happy with them.

  2. Been busy and sat down to do a bit of catch up with my side kick next me. The photo received a very happy response from her! :)

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