iPhone Photography


Although I make every effort to take my camera with me everywhere, sometimes I don’t have it.  I’ve been using my iPhone camera and it’s okay.  Not great, but no worse than an inexpensive point and shoot.

Over the weekend, I finished reading the book, “iPhone Art in My Life: Volume One” by Dewitt Jones.  A few months ago, I published a quote of his (with permission).  I’ve followed Dewitt’s work for years, so was interested in what he did with this different medium.

Not too surprisingly, the pictures were fantastic.  Each picture has an inspiration comment from him (something else he excels at) and a listing of the iPhone software used to process the picture.

I’ve downloaded several of the apps he recommended and I’m going to have to practice more to get the hang of using them.  Usually I import my iPhone into Photoshop Elements if I’m going to do additional processing.  After seeing what Dewitt Jones did, I want to play more with this.

If you want some quick help, the Digital Photography School has a great article on 10 Quick iPhone Photography Tips.

Karen Walrond, at her blog chookooloonks, has a review of the book by Stephanie C. Roberts called, “The Art of iPhoneography“.  I haven’t read it yet, but I plan to take a closer look at getting it.  Unfortunately, it’s only available in paperback.

I’m not sure I’ll get overly comfortable with using my iPhone for seriously photography, but I am glad I have it when I’m out and my Canon Rebel isn’t with me.

Over at A Daily Life, a new post talks about why a field trip can help your blogging and photography.  If you signed up to receive comments from another blog and it’s become too much, this post tells you how to turn them off.

Here’s the picture I’m using for my header this month.  I took these tulips a year ago at the botanical gardens (and not with my iPhone).