I Don’t Want To Share!


Today’s theme for Six Word Friday is “share”.  Here’s what I think about the topic:

Don’t want to share – it’s mine!

I’d recently read a post about teaching children to share.  It had many good points and I agree that children need to learn to share.  But honestly, as an adult, I rarely share anymore nor do I want to.

In my experience, others do not care about my time or possessions because it’s not theirs.  Something precious to me gets trashed and the person who did walks away, seldom caring what I think about it.  If it’s not important to them, they fail to see why it would be important to me.

I don’t lend out books.  They don’t find their way home.  I either give them away or I suggest someone buy it themselves.  I read my books over and over, so not getting them back does bother me.

An acquaintance recently went away for a weekend, leaving her dog behind to  be cared for.  The friend forgot and two days later, she came home to a very hungry dog and a mess.  What if she’d been gone for a week?

Evidence of this is all over work.  People make a mess in the kitchen, but don’t clean it up.  People walk out of conference rooms, leaving behind cups and paper, and it stays there the rest of the day.  It’s not their house.

I’ve done a lot of needlepoint over the years.  One of the truths in the needlepoint community is not give away your little treasures – others will not value their hard work or expense.  Needlepoint is an expensive hobby.  You can buy a Christmas stocking at the store for $20 or so.  To make the same stocking is hundreds of dollars.

People assume what you made was just as cheap and might not treasure it unless they do needlework themselves.  Very few people have needlepoint from me except for my sister, mother & daughter.  They’ve all done needlework and can appreciate its hard work.

I cannot count on others to cherish and nourish my relationships either.  It upsets me tremendously that people would rather believe what they hear about me than to know me for themselves.  I’m not talking about at work either – I’m talking within the family.  There are a lot of things I don’t share because others do not find our relationship important enough to value my confidences and keep it to themselves.

My mother tells a story about when I was little.  Friends came over to visit and had a child around my age.  I kept putting my toys onto my mother’s lap because I didn’t want to share them.  Eventually the pile got so big she figured out what I was doing and made me share them.

In my adult mind, I bet some of them got broken and that was too bad for me.  Temporary visitors caused me to lose a beloved toy.  I understand why she made me share, but I still don’t think I should have had to share.

So the next time someone wants you to share something, ask yourself – do I really want to do this?  If you don’t, say no and stay firm.

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Here’s the reaction of my favorite boy toy when I asked him if the dog could share the bed tonight!

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