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Today’s January Joy Dare was to find a gift on paper, in a person, and in a picture.  One of the things I enjoy about the Joy Dare is finding God’s gifts in the small things of life.

Gifts in a person and in a picture turned out to be the same event.  One of the young women who works for me had new pictures of her baby.  I can’t believe he’s already six months old!

Some of the pictures were of a ceremony at her house from her native India.  I enjoyed her describing to me what they were doing and why.  She’d made the baby a very elaborate headpiece using sugar candies.  He didn’t know why he was getting all the attention, but he had big, big smiles for the camera as did his older sister!

So did his mother, my employee.  That was my other gift – seeing how happy she was in the pictures and how happy she was that I took a few minutes to be interested in her family and traditions.  I’ve had a number of young women from India work for me and they’ve all been patient in explaining their customs and sharing their photos.  I’ve learned a lot from them as they have from me.

The gift on paper – and it took me a while to realize this – were the new covenants for our homeowners association.  The board has been working on them for the last several years.  I’ve reviewed them each time and provided comments.  Tonight was the almost last draft.  The board did a really good job on them.  I was really pleased to see what a good job everyone did to make them fair and enforceable.

Our subdivision is nice and these covenants removed unforceable language and outdated requirements.  In its place is a shorter, streamlined set of requirements that may give us more leverage against problems such as unrelated renters trashing a house and neighborhood and changes being made that bring down property values (garish paint colors, outbuildings that don’t match).

It’s also a gift to get home late and your husband has homemade spaghetti sauce made up for supper.  Thanks honey!  Another gift is the dog offering you a new toy for play that he found shopping in the kitchen!

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  1. The Indian culture is very interesting. Jud was on a missions trip there in 2009 and has kept up with one young man via email and skype. Jaimie love playing tug-of-war with her dog friends; she though the photo was fun. :)

    • I agree about how interesting the culture is. Thankfully the women who work with me are happy to explain their customs and answer my questions. If Jaimie lived closer, the dogs would love to play tug with her!

    • Thanks Karen! I went back and edited it after I saw your comment. They are actually from India, not native American. They do appreciate that I take time to be interested and ask questions, even stupid ones. I don’t know and I won’t unless I ask.

    • The small stones really helped me too. I started the Joy Dare later and enjoyed it even more. If you have a chance, read some of my other ones (I have a tag on it).

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