Bargains Are Not What They Seem


Last week’s Six Word Friday used the word “bargain” for its theme.  My philosophy on bargains is simple:

Beware getting what you paid for.

It’s so hard to trust whether you’re really getting a bargain or not.  Are the materials used actually as good?  Was there a defect and you don’t know it until after you’ve used it?  I’ll return it if I know fast enough, but sometimes it doesn’t actually break quickly enough.

This is a frequent argument at work.  The emphasis is rightfully on driving down costs, but I also leery of vendors who underbid, then want more money or who deliver poorly because they have their least experienced people doing the work.  I will pay more to get quality work, especially since my work directly impacts the financial statements of my employer as well cash out the door.

It’s the same at home.  Last year, we had to buy a new washer and dryer.  One house brand I looked at felt cheap and tinny.  The sales person said – oh, but so-and-so made them.  I just looked at him and replied – do you know for a fact they used the same materials?  And that they are the same quality of materials?  Well, no he didn’t know that for a fact.  All I knew was that by my observation, it didn’t feel built very well.

So yes, bargains are out there and some are very good.  But as with a anything, be cautious when the bargain seems “too good to be true”.

One of the best bargains I got last year was a season pass to the botanical gardens.  I certainly got what I paid for and have long made back my money in using the pass so frequently.  This picture was taken in early November and is one of many that I enjoy looking at.

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