Stop & Go


Today’s theme for Six Word Friday is Stop & Go:

STOP!  Be quiet. . . wait upon God.

Go. . . when the timing is right.

My January goals are doing good, but needing some adjustments.  I’m not able to spend three hours a week organizing and decluttering, but I’ve gotten in a solid one hour each week.  I think that will be good enough.  Instead of ending this goal in March though, I’ll go through June.  That’s still less hours overall, but I should make a big difference in the piles of stuff.

I’m enjoying my class at the Digital Scrapbooker on making up a photo album about myself, but I’m not getting any real traction on it.  That might have been a mistake for this year.

I’ve been working on my book, keeping up my blogs, and continuing to take photos (thankfully not every day though).  Things are lining up for my writing and doors are opening that never existed in the past.

The dogs are enjoying their extra cuddles at night.  There has been some decrease in the blogs.  I’ve been unusually tired after work this week, so by the time I enjoy the warm bodies and the warm fire, I’m ready for bed.

And as I’ve written earlier, I’m doing my daily devotions using Jesus Calling.  That’s led to a variety of prayers, contemplation, and some attitude adjustments.

That’s the Friday update!  The beagle is back at the door waiting to be let out – again.  You never know what changed since 15 minutes ago.

Over at A Daily Life, Kate from Believe Anyway has some questions for you to use and an example from her own blog of writing about when you knew you were loved.

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