Gifts to Laugh, Pray & Be Quiet

Today’s January Joy Dare is to look for a gift that makes you laugh, a gift that makes you pray, and a gift that makes you quiet.

Laugh – I loved this post by Kate from Chronicles of a Country Girl.  She titled it “Let the Good Times Roll” and it shows her dog rolling around on his back.  Unfortunately, my picture of the beagle doing it looks like a beached whale and is not quite something I’d use anywhere to advertise my blog!

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Pray – I’ve found a Christian writer’s conference in May.  I’d given no thought to something like this (nor is it on my wishlist of travel this year either!), but other things are falling in line for my writing.  I think this may be a path in front of me.  For a number of reasons, my favorite boy toy thinks I should go.

I’ve gone to some of the weekend classes at the University of Iowa for their writer’s workshops.  They were fun and I got a lot out of them.   I’d always wanted to go back for a full week, but never did.  Although my writing has been a goal for quite a few years, this is the year it’s gaining momentum.

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Quiet – I’ve taken down some of the Christmas decorations, but left up the lights.  The other night, my favorite boy toy went out to do some errands.  I sat there quietly in the dark, enjoying the fire and the lights, and just relaxed as I cuddled the dogs.  It was a wonderful gift of solitude.   I did some praying, but mostly I just sat there and absorbed the silence.

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Thank you to my new subscribers!  I look forward to getting to know each of you better.  I’ve made so many new friends through this blog.  I hope to visit your blogs shortly, if I haven’t already.


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  1. That is the favorite pose of my dog Buddy. The little dog on the other hand is too nervous and insecure for this pose. Poor little fella, he misses out on so many belly rubs because of his nervous inhibitions. Glad you are feeling good about your writing ambitions! ~ Lynda

    • The beagle doesn’t do it much as it’s not very comfortable. Our other dog moves too fast for me to whip up the camera and get his picture doing a back wiggle. Little dogs are such prey that it’s hard for them to relax about anything.

      Yes, the writing ambitions are much improved for this year. We’ll see how it goes.

  2. The photo of the white bridge in the midst of the green of the woods and the water was lovely and so inviting. Jaimie of course thought your beagle was lots of fun. :)

  3. I love the pic of your dog – made me laugh out loud!
    And if you do make it to the conference – you must take the tour of the Biltmore Estate. It is just beautiful.
    Thanks for the post and have a lovely day!

    • I drove through Biltmore about ten years ago, but did not take an inside tour. Thanks for reminding me to do this again.

      Thanks for visiting! I’m glad you got a few minutes of pleasure from my dog picture. He’s a good boy, but we cannot get the weight off of him. With his bad back, long walks are out now too.

  4. The setting of the LifeWay Ridgecrest Conference Center looks beautiful. I would imagine it would be a great way to get inspired, network, and find out if there are opportunities available for you in the field of Christian writing. It is wonderful that your husband is supporting the idea of exploring this route.

    • Thank you Kitty! He’s generally been supportive, but this surprised me when he listed his reasons (close to home, smaller group for better networking, good for learning and growing).

      The setting does look beautiful – should be much nicer than the University of Iowa. Iowa City itself is nice, but the university housing is terrible.

  5. :) I don’t know how I landed up here, as there was a request to follow your blog… I am here hence. I totally understand the meaning of the absorption of solitude. Good luck to whoever and whatever you are..!! -FP

    • My blog was originally My Life In Photos ( When I moved my blog over to here, I sent out invitations to everyone who was following me or had left comments that I thought might be interested.

      Thank you for visiting. I enjoy your photos – unusual and very cool.


  6. Wow the conference looks wonderful, such a beautiful area of the country! I am sure just being there will give you plenty of things to write about. I haven’t begun to take down the decorations, I just hate this job…where are those Martha’s when you need them.

    • I took several trips last year for my daily photo challenge and was pleasantly surprised at how much it also gave me to write about! I think you’re right that this will also.

      I cut my decorations way back several years ago. No tree, just a fake poinsetta, some garland, a big ceramic train, and some big shiny red balls. 15 minutes up and just as fast down.

      I did that for the same reason – inevitably when it’s time to take them down, I am so miserably tired I can’t stand to do it. My daughter loves decorating so I get to enjoy them at her house instead.

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