Lost and Found

The theme of today’s  Six Word Friday is lost and found:


My time, my energy, my enthusiasm


A new day to start again

The excessive hours at work are starting to decrease (Wednesday’s picture was actually taken late at night when I took a short break).

I’ve been reading everyone’s blogs and comments in my E-mail even though I’ve not had time to leave my own comments. I enjoy your posts and want ya’all to know that!  My life won’t be normal yet for another week or so, but this does eventually improve.

I have managed to keep up my exercise this week.  Yesterday was a walk along the canal when it was up to 60 degrees.  Today’s high will barely be 40.  This is standing at the corner of my employer and looking along the north side of the canal (which is to the right).

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  1. Yay you found your time, energy and enthusiasm! Thank you for introducing me to six word fridays! Shall take part in them next time :)

    • Yes, I did find it. You are welcome – they’re a lot of fun to try. I don’t see a blog for you – if you have a minute, leave another comment with a link.

    • It’s getting better. It’s been like this every year and I have learned to be hunker down and be patient. I prepare and buy food ahead of time, be sure to keep up my exercise, and just be patient. Eventually it ends. I left Patti a note here about answered prayer and how smoothly this year has gone.

    • I really prayed about it – didn’t think I could go through this again. It’s actually been very smooth and far less hours than in other years. I’m so thankful for the answered prayers on this. I may be tired and cranky but it could be so much worse.

  2. Wonderful 6 Word Friday entry. Once again I love your photo. We are having a very gray sometimes rain, sometimes mixed precipitation day here in VT. Enjoy whatever moderate temperatures you can this crazy winter.

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