A Wonderful Friday in Six Words

I had a wonderful day today and thought I’d describe it in six sentences of six words:

robin sings brightly before dawn breaks

bright sun, fresh air, lunchtime walk

my camera stalks today’s new picture

work energy rises for yearend close

waxing moon crisp in navy sky

And for today’s picture, taken several years ago:

jealous dog stuffs into cat bed

© 2012 dogear6 llc

Yes, he did!  A jealous 55 pound dog decided to use the cat bed since the cat was on the desk with me.  I was surprised he fit so well.  Can you believe he curled up so small? I was surprised the cat didn’t refuse to use the bed after it smelled like dog.

Over at A Daily Life is guest post by Pam at Mushy Cloud.  She’s given us her list of questions to use in remembering what happened last year.  I encourage you to try them out.  It’s easier to remember now what happened for your future self than it will be to remember it five years from now.

I’d also like to thank KittyHere for passing along the six word challenge.

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  1. Your dog is so funny, crammed in that little bed. I had a rabbit that ate dry dog food out of a big dog bowl. The dog didn’t seem to mind, he was very patient. I liked the image of the stalking camera, have felt that way about mine sometimes.

    • It was a really good day, even with the stresses at work. I missed that you had a topic for the day, but I was really pleased with my post.

      Thanks for visiting!

    • You’re right – that one is pretty good! That’s just how I felt as I walked back to work with my camera hanging across my shoulder. Here picture, picture, picture. Here picture, picture, picture. Be sure to use the Taco Bell dog voice with that too!

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