What To Choose, What To Choose

Today’s Thoughtful Thursday question asks what I’m looking forward to doing this year.  It was a great question to come after my post yesterday about goal ideas for 2012.

But wow, what to choose?  I have so many things I want to do in 2012.  Eventually I realized that the two things I’m looking forward to were not on my goals list.  That’s not a problem – I can add them to the list.  I forgot to put NaNoWriMo on there too.

So here’s what I’m looking forward to doing this year:

  • Exploring
  • Reading outside on the deck

Reading outside on the deck is about as easy as it gets.  All I need is some good weather (or shade) and something to read.  It might be on my iPad, it might be from the library, it might be a magazine or even an instruction manual.  Not that I like to spend much time reading instruction manuals.  Boooooring.

But the exploring will take more thought.  My favorite boy toy and I took two short trips last year, to Chadd’s Ford, Pennsylvania and to Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia.  We went to Chadd’s Ford to trace the footsteps of N.C. Wyeth and his family.  We went to West Virginia to chase the fall colors.

Both trips were fun.  We hadn’t done that kind of travel for years.  Extra money has usually been spent sending my boy toy on photo trips and vacation time spent visiting with family.  It’s also expensive to stay in hotels, eat out, and kennel the dogs.  But oh did we enjoy it.

I’m not sure I’d go back to Chadds Ford.  The Wyeth’s were actually not as big a deal as I expected and the accessibility was very restricted.  I would go back to Harper’s Ferry.  The picture taking wasn’t quite as good as we’d hoped for, but we just enjoyed being there.

By the way – I’ve made a new friend in Harper’s Ferry since returning from there.  Steam From Harper’s Ferry is a “Victorian/Steampunk themed gallery and print shop” and her blog has detailed historical write-ups about the area.  Check it out!  I’d love to learn about stuff like that from where I live.

So here’s some ideas I have for where I’d travel to next:

  • Concord Massachusetts to retrace Henry David Thoreau’s stomping grounds.  I was there 20+ years ago for a short visit but have never been able to go back.  KittyHere was there earlier this year and said it was a beautiful area to visit.
  • Outer Banks in North Carolina – I’d love to see the ocean.  We were going to do it last fall until the hurricane created so much damage.
  • There are several botanical gardens along Highway 85 as we go to our daughter’s house, in North and South Carolina.  I’d love to visit them.
  • Charleston, South Carolina – I went here on a business trip years ago and was sorry I didn’t stay over the weekend to check it out.
  • Chincoteague Island, Virginia to see the wild ponies (anyone remember reading Marguerite Henry’s books?).
  • Savannah, Georgia – it’s supposed to be beautiful there.
  • Callaway Gardens, Georgia – also supposed to be pretty.

Locally, there all kinds of exploring to do, but I don’t generally keep a running list of those.  My boy toy and I are of the “let’s go out for breakfast and then decide what to do”.  Plus, we still have our passes for Williamsburg and the local botanical garden to use.

I know we’ll go exploring frequently.  Whether we go for several days, I don’t know.  But my list is ready if we decide to take off!

Next Thursday’s topic is how I would like to change the world.

Today’s  small stones is under the photo.  Interested in learning how to use a hyperlink?  A Daily Life tells you how to add it to your posts.

My Mom loved yesterday’s photo!  She thought it would be funny to see the min pin all by himself in the great big bed.  Well you know what, I took a picture of that too.  Here’s you are – 100 pounds of dog in one bed, and 7 pounds in the other.  Because eeew!  Who wants to touch a min pin??

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Today’s small stones:

I opened the linen closet today to take out a washcloth for my shower.  I love having clean towels and having a clean washcloth to use each day.  It’s a big stack of washclothes when they’re clean – about 20 – because I use a clean one every day and I only do laundry every other week.  Their texture is rough when they’re dry, a good way to dry my eyes when that first burst of water hits my face.  What a pleasure though to open the closet door each morning, see that stack of clean washclothes, and smell the freshness of the towels in there.

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  1. I love the photo!!! Poor little monkey all by himself! I have two beds by our fireplace too. Only once have I seen both Ginger and Buddy in one bed. However, the fact that Buddy gets in both, back and forth, makes me smile (since he was a late comer and the first bed is Ginger’s). Sometimes now, they lay side by side, one on each bed. This makes me smile too, because when Buddy first joined us, he wouldn’t dare lay near Ginger. Now, not only are they siblings, they are also companions and friends. Cheers.

    • Thanks Stacey, both for the compliment and for the story. My two big dogs do NOT want to touch the little guy. The Vizsla and beagle been together nearly their whole lives, but the little guy didn’t come until two years later. He’s also food aggressive and I think they’re both a bit scared of him.

  2. Love your photo! Around here the kitties take over the big dogs bed, the little dog sleeps on a lap, and the big dog steals a nap on the couch or our bed, which is strictly forbidden, but he does is every chance he can get…

    Thanks for your writing support and your writing. Both are encouraging. ~ Lynda

  3. Your blog is sophisticated and clean yet it has so much information and is interactive. I am not a writer, but I look to your blog for inspiration. Thank you.

    • I’d love to see Savannah, but that one’s farthest from the house and probably the least likely this year. Charleston is equally cool and much closer.

  4. Looks like you have some amazing places to explore this coming year. I love exploring too. We didn’t do much last year because I used all my holidays for visiting Mom after her hip broke January 6. She is now settled into a care home and although I still plan to visit her a few times, we are planning to explore some Euopean spots this fall. (on my list) Good luck with your plans. I look forward to hearing all about your travels and seeing the pictures.

    • I love having a list of places to visit. I know what you mean about using vacation time with family – I’ve done that for years and years. Last year was the first time in a long time that we just took a vacation that didn’t involve visiting someone.

      I will post my travels and pictures. I wasn’t going to last year when we went to Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia but my staff really wanted to see pictures. I was so pleasantly surprised at the nice comments that I will do more of it in the future.

      I need to put a link onto my site – but have you seen my picture albums? They’re at http://dogear6.shutterfly.com/.

      • Wow! What amazing pictures. You are a great photographer. I would love to make a trip to eastern USA. So scenic and so much history. Perhaps my character, Amanda, could visit one day. Thanks for the link.

  5. So glad you posted the photo of the two dog beds. Brings to mind “And though she be but little, she is fierce.” — A Midsummer’s Night Dream

    Enjoyed your travel dream list, especially all the ‘southern sights’.

    Thanks for the hyperlink instructions on A Daily Life and all your generous references and links to my blog.

    • And he is fierce! Which is part of why the bigger dogs avoid him.

      I’m glad you like the list – it really helps me to think it over in the event we’re able to take off.

      And you’re welcome. You’re a wonderful partner in crime.

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