Ode To A Straw


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I love using straws!  It keeps my teeth from hurting from cold liquids.  The iced tea comes up, goes to the back of my mouth, where I taste and savor it before swallowing.

I don’t like drinking my iced tea without a straw or a travel mug (sippy cups for adults).  The likelihood of sloshing it down my front is high and I’ve ruined way too many tops because I couldn’t get the tea stains back out again.  If I can’t use a straw, I’d rather just drink water.

Ted’s Montana Grill uses an environmentally friendly paper straw.  They’re actually very cool, but I don’t like the mouth feel of them.  I prefer the sensation and slippery feel of a plastic one.

This is today’s post for the 2012 River of Stones Challenge to notice the small things in life.

Interested in learning to make sun tea?  I wrote about it last spring.

Have you checked out KittyHere’s blog?  She has several 52 week ideas.  The 52 Thoughtful Thursdays appeals to me and I think I’ll be doing it with her.

My other blog, A Daily Life, posted a list of daily / weekly sources of prompts to help on those days that the ideas are dry.