On Observing the Robins


winter robins, south ’til spring
first one, then two, then three
singing, chirping, noisy high up in the tree

white bellies, red chests
a cloak of gray on top
now three, then two, then one, now none

winter’s tree bare except for
orange tinted morning sun
and oak’s brown leaves

Happy New Year! Today’s post is part of the 2012 Challenge, A River of Stones, in which participants are asked to:

. . . notice something properly every day and write it down.

As Sherlock Homes would tell Dr. Watson, you see but you do not observe (from A Scandal in Bohemia).  My goal is to increase my observation of the small things in life.

Surprisingly, I was able to step out on the deck and take pictures of the robins.  They were way high in the tree, but with minimal cropping you can see all three, including the white belly.

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