Vouch Tomorrow Is The Last Day For Random Words

It’s hard to believe, but I will vouch that tomorrow is the last day for the random word challenge.  Interested in seeing all the words used?  Check the tab above.

Here’s what I wrote back in February when I took this over:

The challenge is to post a photo each day that matches the randomly selected word.  The purpose is to stretch your creativity and practice your photography.

It’s fun!  Everyone has a different idea how to interpret the day’s selection.  What’s the most fun is to post your interpretation in the comments so we can see the variety of ideas out there.

Better yet, there is only one rule – BE POLITE.  This is for fun and it is meant to be fun for everyone.

Otherwise – do it daily.  Or not.  Or catch up on the weekends.  Use your own photos.   Or found photos.  There are links on the sidebar to see what others are doing as well as some articles on why a challenge can help your photography and creativity.

Have fun!

Of course, it became more than that.  After a while, my challenge was to use the word in my blog and post a photograph that might or might not relate to the blog post.  Tomorrow I will write more about my experience in doing this.

I do want to acknowledge the other participants in this and give out some awards.

Kitty has been in on this since January 1.  She’s posted every day, from taking pictures to match the word to going through her stash and showing us all kinds of great pictures from her travels and home.  Her blog posts became much more descriptive as the year went.  For 2012, she’s spreading her wings and evolving her blog even more.

Kitty, here is a badge for your blog.  You’re a winner and I enjoyed doing the challenge with you.  I am most appreciative of your encouragement and inspiration to see this through to the end.  It’s so funny that at first, we were just two gals doing a challenge and have now become good friends.

I Posted Daily in The Random Word Challenge!

There were other participants that came and went.  Patti recently joined the challenge.  Hugmamma participated when she was looking for inspiration.  Some participants at the beginning dropped when it became too much, including Trisha, Sharlene & Jen (who originally started it).  Here is a badge for your blogs – thank you for your friendships, comments, and encouragement.

I Participated in The 2011 Random Word Challenge!

Part of the fun of doing challenges is being able to put a badge on your blog that you succeeded.  It never occurred to me until recently to do that, so I designed these for you as appreciation for the joy on the journey.

As for today’s photo, I can vouch for the fact that it took a lot to tire this little guy out.  Unfortunately, it didn’t take much time to recharge for him to go again.  At 9 weeks old, he’s already a moose.  He’ll probably be about 100 lbs. when he’s full-grown.

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Word for tomorrow – BLOGGER’S CHOICE.


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    • He is cute and it’s a good thing too. Between him and the other puppy, we cleaned pee up pretty constantly.

      You’re welcome for the badge – you earned it. Kate doing her own badge gave me the idea for this, especially with all the hard work that went into doing it. I thought it was quite noteworthy.

  1. I’m very impressed with you. That was quite an accomplishment; Congratulations!!!

    He is going to be one big dog! One Jaimie would love to love on. :)

  2. Thanks for the award. DIdn’t mean to drop out — think I lost the connection and then life took over. This has been quite a year for me and I expect 2012 to be even more so, with my oven coming out. I really did love the Challenge and how much it forced me to stretch my writing and photography. Think of me, again, when there’s another challenge and I’ll do my best to participate. Now, to check out everything.

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