Candle Lighter Award


Shortly before the holidays, Kate over at Believe Anyway gave me a Candle Lighter Award.  Thank you so much Kate!

The purpose of this award is to recognize a post or blog that brings light to the world.  Isn’t that wonderful?  She’s been waiting so eagerly for me to post about it and start using it.  Unfortunately, between overtime and the holidays, I haven’t gotten around to it.

There are several cool things about this –

First, Kate started the award herself to meet a need that other awards weren’t doing.  It never occurred to me to do something as audacious as that – what a wonderful idea.

Second, you can give out even if you’ve never received it yourself.  You can give it to yourself if you feel you’re worthy.  You can give it out multiple times even to the same blogger.  According to Kate:

Let’s set the blogging world ablaze with Candles for all the positive oriented blogs. The world needs joy and lots of it.

She does have one rule in that she prefers it goes to blogs and posts that are rated no worse than PG-13.  She believes the award should not be used on blogs that are unsuitable or disrespectful.  I agree with her on that, although to be honest, I tend to not subscribe to those because I too am looking for positive and uplifting messages.

So look for me to be using the Candle Lighter Award in 2012.  Thank you Kate for a wonderful message to send out into cyberspace.